How to learn to cut?

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How to learn to cut?

Today, in stores you can choose a dress or suit of any style and size, but they are always sewn into a kind of averaged, standard shape. Therefore, some craftswomen still prefer clothes made by hand. However, sewing is not easy, he needs to learn. Some basics of sewing are described in the article How to learn to sew and cut. In this article we will explain how to learn to cut.

Learning to cut - the basic pattern

You can build a basic pattern according to any manual from books or the Internet, for example,.

Having built a pattern, you first need to sew a simple little dress-case from the simplest, cheapest fabric that does not stretch and is easy to sew. This is necessary to check the correctness of the pattern. The fact is that we all have different fullness of arms, different inclination of shoulders, different degrees of slouching and steepness of hips. In a simple step-by-step instruction, it is difficult to take into account all these nuances, and only on the finished product will it become clear if there are any errors.

Trying on a dress and correcting all the shortcomings, you need to immediately transfer the corrections to the basic pattern.Then the next time the dress tailored to this pattern will no longer need to be customized: it will sit like a glove.

After all edits, the basic pattern needs to be transferred to thick paper: it will be the basis for the patterns of all other blouses, skirts, dresses of any styles.

How to learn to cut complex styles

Patterns of all styles are based on the basic pattern. First you need to transfer the basic pattern to plain paper, and then make the necessary changes to it.

A lot of variations of models of dresses and blouses gives transfer darts from shoulder to another place. The lines along which a new tuck can be drawn are shown in the figure.To cut

Suppose you want to make a blouse tied in front. Then the dart from the shoulder and from the waist should be transferred to the stomach. We draw a line from the end of the chest tuck to the lower left corner of the basic pattern of the blouse, cut the pattern along this line.

Then we close the edges of the darts at the waist and on the shoulder. In this case, the new incision will disperse. This will be a new tuck. In the case of stitches, this dart is not necessary to sew, it will need to be stitched. Patterns of other styles are created in the same way.