How to learn to grow nails?

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How to learn to grow nails?

The dream of many women are beautiful and long nails. But far from each of them, it turns out, to grow nails of the desired length. However, modern technologies give women the opportunity to have long and beautiful nails. This can be achieved by nails, which can be done with a gel or acrylic. How to learn to grow nails and how to prepare for this process? Let's take it in order.

Nail preparation

If you want to have a beautiful manicure, but you do not know where to learn how to grow nails, the answer is simple: you can grow nails at home! To do this, follow the basic rules:

  • Cooking natural nail.
  • You must correctly set the shape of your nail.
  • Precisely lay out the selected material.
  • Grinding and cutting of our material.

Before you begin to nail, it is necessary to properly disinfect hands. Thoroughly wash them with soap and wipe dry.Then we treat it with a special disinfectant (Miramistim solution), which will kill all bacteria.

Now you need to prepare a natural nail: remove the top and shiny layers of natural nail. It is highly desirable to completely remove the top layer. This is done so that extended nails do not begin to peel off. Removal should be done with a special pusher, and it is best to use a manicure device. But the shiny layer can be removed using a regular nail file.

Next you need to make sawdust natural nail, while leaving 1 mm. for the subsequent creation of the shape of your future nail. After the end of the preparation, you need to cover the natural nails with any degreasing agent (primer), but try not to fall on the skin and cuticle. This procedure will immediately display possible errors that could have been made while preparing the nails. If the nail was poorly processed, this will indicate a glossy shine.

How to learn to grow nails, videos on this topic, or how to properly prepare your nails, you can find without any problems.If you want to be sure that you will not make mistakes, you can combine visual lessons with your knowledge.

Acrylic nail extensions

How to learn to build nails at home from acrylic? It should be noted that acrylic nails are extremely durable and reliable. With a high-quality building it is impossible to distinguish them from real nails. All acrylic mass, as a rule, very quickly hardens. You can also add some special powder in order to give the nails a natural color. Another advantage of acrylic is its easy removal from the surface of the natural nail. To build acrylic nails you will need the following things:

  • tipsy;
  • small and large files, as well as poufs;
  • tip cutter;
  • antiseptic (solution miramistina);
  • primer

So, carefully washing your hands, we begin to gently remove the top coat of our nails, using a large file for this. The movements of our file must coincide completely with the growth line of the nail. Having reached full flatness of a surface, it is possible to remove dust. Then you need to clean the cuticle using a nail file that has the smallest grain. Carefully move the cuticle.

Now we select the tips of the appropriate size for each nail. We saw off the edge of the tips, which will be further attached to the nail and glue the tips. If you need to adjust the length, for this we use tip cutter. Then we take a file 100 * 100 and give it shape to each nail separately. With the help of a universal special file of soft abrasive (baf) or file 120 * 180, we process the surface of our tips completely and remove the border between it and the natural nail. Then we sweep away the remnants of dust with a brush.

Next, put a little primer (the material used to prepare your nail before applying the acrylic itself) on the brush and apply it so that the nail starts to sparkle. And after - we process tips with the same primer. Now we put the tips on the nail: it should be placed strictly under the corners of your nail, otherwise you can expect cracks or breaks in the nails themselves. We fix tips.

Then we reapply our primer: after applying a white acrylic ball on the tips, we distribute it over the entire nail. After that, we apply a pink acrylic ball on our natural nail so that both colors: pink and white slightly intersect each other. The second ball is applied in the area of ​​the cuticle.Do not forget to make sure that the surface of your nail, as well as its sides are completely flat, while the surface of the nail should be somewhat damp. Now we neatly file the accrued nail. It should be remembered that you need to wash the brush with a brush-cliner and wipe it on a napkin after each build-up.

Gel extension

Another well-known method of nail extension is building with the help of a gel. If you want to learn how to learn how to build up nails with gel, you can read our article (link).

Before you learn how to build up your nails or proceed directly to this process, it is important to clearly understand for yourself: what material you intend to use, what form of nail you want to have. Then you need to carefully prepare everything you need and only after that you can proceed.

As you can see, to become the owner of a luxurious manicure is a snap. A little time and patience and you will easily achieve the desired result!