How to learn to ride a skateboard?

October 15, 2014
How to learn to ride a skateboard?

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How to learn to ride a skateboard?

Almost every person in his life pays attention to any kind of sport. Physical activity helps to keep the body in good shape, and health is in order. Also attention to the sport helps to properly distribute their time, and even feel the taste of adrenaline. Today we will tell how to learn to ride a skateboard.

Help for beginners

  1. Get a skateboard at a sporting goods store or borrow from a more experienced friend. If you do not like skateboarding, you will save your money.
  2. Set up a board for a beginner skating. The surface of the skate should be flat.
  3. Pick up special shoes. The sole should be flat: ordinary sneakers with a raised sole for practice will not work.
  4. Get protection and a helmet.
  5. When your uniform is ready, the next step is to find a place to ski. It is necessary to find smooth and even surfaces made of concrete or asphalt.Beginners can practice riding lessons in car parks or in local recreation parks.
  6. To get started, learn the basics of skiing. First of all, you need to learn to stand on the board. The main condition is that the board does not slide. Stand on a skateboard and try to keep your balance. If the right foot is located behind the left, then you will push off with your right foot and ride from the left side and vice versa.
  7. Next, try to push off. Make no mistake for newbies when they make short but frequent movements for a push. Try to make a couple of strong jolts so that you rush forward. The balance with this movement will be easier to keep.
  8. When you start the movement, put the repulsive leg back on the board, with your knees bent and your back straight.
  9. Next you need to learn how to turn. Depending on the side of the turn, move the weight of the body forward or back and direct part of the skate in the desired direction.
  10. Now we train stop. For a beginner, the most optimal way is to gradually stop. It is performed by braking with one foot on the surface. The second method of braking is to transfer the weight to the back of the skate, so that braking comes to it. But for this you must have a good skateboard, so that such a plan of braking does not put the board down.