How to learn to tie a scarf

You will need
  • - a handkerchief;
  • - clamp;
  • - brooch;
  • - safety pin.
If you learn to tie a scarf like a turban, you can complement their clothes in the oriental style. To do this, spread out the scarf, bring the two opposite ends to its middle, then fold the entire structure in half so that the ends are inside. Putting a handkerchief to the back of the head, move its ends forward, and then twist them together so that you can make the ends back on the same side as you led them forward. You can twist the ends located on top of the main folded panel into a spiral. Behind the loose ends of the shawl with a small knot.
You can also tie a scarf on a straw hat. To do this, twist the scarf diagonally several times, wrap it around the crown, tie it up, and let the ends hang loosely at the back. This method of tying a scarf is suitable for dresses in a romantic style.
The scarf can be tied "predatory".To do this, fold it in half diagonally, put it on the forehead, and turn the ends back and tie it over the third tip, on the knot. You can wear a hat-fedor over a scarf tied in such a way by slightly sliding it to the side, so that a scarf can be seen from the front. This method of tying a scarf is suitable for reviving the classical style, and for youth attire.
Twisting the scarf into a spiral, you can tie it around your head, using it as a pendant or headband. You can make the image funny or romantic, if the ends of such a "rim" tie in a bow and leave the side, and not move back.
Another way to tie a scarf is suitable for clothes in the youth style. It is usually used to tie a scarf-arafatku. Fold the scarf in half diagonally, attach the triangle to the front at neck level, turn the ends back and then forward. Tie them in front on a small weak knot, and then pull the scarf from the top so that a slight overlap is formed. The scarf should be tied loosely and deliberately carelessly.
You can learn to tie a scarf in the form of a tie or a kind of dickey.To do this, fold the scarf with an accordion, bend it in half, put it on the back of the neck so that the ends of the scarf are on one side and the loop on the other. Thread through this loop formed by the fold of the scarf, its ends. The design will resemble a tie, if you pin it with a pin, or a shirt-neck, if, on the contrary, “fluff”.
Small scarves can also be used as a bow, tied at the tail or spit so that the ends hang loosely down. Thin scarves can be woven into the braid. You can decorate your bag with a handkerchief, tied with a handle, or make a bracelet, twisting the canvas into a tight spiral and wrapping it around your hand several times. The scarf can be used as a belt for almost any thing, just twist it into a not very tight spiral and thread it into the slots.