How do you like a classmate?

Yes, those times were gone when, in order to please the girl, the boys pulled their pigtails. Now the girls themselves want to attract attention, and do it in very strange ways. Very often you can see how teenage girls sip beer a little more than boys, smoke and plant it in such a way that adults stop talking. Of course, such ladies pay attention to themselves, the boys consider them to be “their boyfriends”, but they do not feel anything serious about such girls. But there are many ways to please a classmate who will have a very serious relationship as a continuation.

Help in everything

Do not worry, we will not call on girls to help boys in everything, this is not a woman’s business. Take a look around, there are more than a dozen cases that can be called non-female. And why think for a long time how to attract a classmate? Of course, ask him for help in any matter. The first time he will help you and will forget, the second time he will smile at you, and the third and fourth he will feel that same stone wall,for which you can so comfortably accommodate an attractive “silly woman” who can’t do anything herself. And do not shout that you can do everything without men, remember that you have to force you to spend something on you in order to be valuable for your classmate. Because of his youth, he will not be able to spend money on you, but please, take time and effort! In time, he will get used to doing something for you so that he cannot live without it, that is, without you.

Beauty or mind

Any girl deciding how to like a boy-classmate, have to choose what to demonstrate in front of him - your mind or your beauty? Let's figure it out. Beauty should be in any case, because every man not only loves a woman, but also brags about it before the others. Not every girl is endowed with beauty, so it is enough to be well-groomed, clean, pretty, follow the figure and not allow slouching shoulders, a hanging belly and a second chin (it happens in school age!). The mind in the girl should also be, but it must be shown in very limited quantities. It is better to show not the best competence in some matters,let the young man explain to you everything is popular, and then he will appreciate himself in your eyes. And this is much more important for a man than the female mind, believe me. But it’s not necessary to expose yourself to a silly blonde! Best of all, show the boy that he is interested in you, that you are delighted with his erudition, skill, and intellect. And with all your might, pull after him. He will appreciate it. You girls have already realized that behind all this is the eternal feminine wisdom. Make it so that it makes the decision that you made in advance, and considered it your decision - this is the main rule of a woman. Therefore, it depends only on you whether you like the boy or not.

Common interests

If you liked a classmate, then you have a huge advantage over girls from the yard or from other classes. You are with him every day for many hours! You have a great chance to attract attention and enjoy it. Therefore, deciding how to attract the attention of a classmate, look at him and understand that he loves. And not only from food, although this too, but also what science prefers to study, than is keen on what kind of sports or creativity. After that, immediately start exploring these topics.If he likes physics. You can’t do anything, you will have to study Ohm’s laws, gimlet rule and electrical circuits. And then feel free to start with him to discuss those topics that you have learned and understood best. Ask the boy questions, argue, tell him something new. And then you can just transfer to his desk, he won’t even think about why you did it, he will just continue to discuss physical phenomena with you. And if he is interested in sports, then swing your muscles and learn the names of football teams! And consider that you paid attention to yourself.