How to make a battery?

Ivan Orlov
Ivan Orlov
April 10, 2013
How to make a battery?

Most of us think that a regular battery can only be purchased in the store. However, this is a misconception. In the proposed article we will talk about how to make a battery out of available tools and what is needed for this.

The easiest option

Before you make a battery with your own hands, we need to prepare:

  • 3 glasses of glass;
  • 4 copper braided wires;
  • aluminium foil;
  • water;
  • salt;
  • insulating tape or adhesive tape.

All 4 copper wires are trimmed at both ends. After that, 3 of them have one end wrapped with foil. Next, we have glasses in a row. We fix the wire in them with tape or tape as follows: a wire with stripped ends is attached to the first glass on the left, one of which should be inside the glass and the other outside. The first and second glasses are connected with wire so that the end with the foil is in the first, and the stripped end in the second. Similarly, the 2nd cup is connected with the 3rd one. The wire from the 3rd glass should go out with the stripped copper end.After all the preparatory work, you will need to fill the glasses with salt water, and to check the extreme ends of the 1st and 3rd glasses, you can connect an alarm clock that runs on batteries.

How to make a homemade battery of potatoes

We cut the potato into two halves and we clean the wires with which one half is pierced, and the other makes a dimple with a teaspoon. The size of the dimples should match the size of the spoon. After that, the toothpaste is mixed with salt (you can experiment with proportions), and fill the potato with a dimple with this mixture. Now from the inside of the 1st half, bend the wiring so that they fall into the hole with the mixture during the connection of both halves with toothpicks. We wait a couple of minutes to charge the construction and bring the wires to each other for the appearance of a spark.