How to make a bump of hair?

Galina Uneasy
Galina Uneasy
January 15, 2013
How to make a bump of hair?

A bump of hair is fashionable and original hairstyle. In the people it is called "gulk". The bump is quite simple in its technique and does not require skill skills. This hairstyle is suitable for the fair sex of any age. With this hairstyle is convenient to engage in the gym, sunbathing on the beach. It can also add a touch of elegance to your evening look.

Simplicity bumps

Next, we will show you how to make a bump of hair yourself at home. With some skill you can do it very quickly. For this hairstyle, hair is suitable for medium length or long hair. A bump is made from either several strands or plaits.

In many ways, the result depends on the structure, length and obedience of the hair. If the hairstyle you did not work, then try other options.

You will need a comb, several hairpins, stealth, rubber, any hair ornaments, gel or styling foam, varnish.

Pigtail Bump

Before you make a bump on your head, you need to moisten the hair a little. The gel must be used to smooth the hairstyle. Well comb your hair and, as in the previous description, collect them in a tight tail. Make sure that there are no so-called "roosters". All hair is divided into three parts. Of them braided braids. Each braid is wrapped around the base of the tail. The tips of the hairs are hiding under the bump. Hair style is fixed with pins. Then you can turn on your imagination and decorate the cone with a mesh, rhinestones, etc.

Lush bump

How to make a hair "bump" of several strands? On damp hair, apply styling foam and blow-dry them, adding a little volume to the roots. The volume will be more lush if you lower your head down.

Next you need to make a taut tail. From the bottom of it, select the strand and wrap it around the elastic. The ends of the strands must be tightly fastened stealth. Scrape the remaining hair a little (the bouffant should be light so that the hair does not seem matted) and divide into strands. Twist each of the harness and wind around the base in random order. Wiring harnesses lock stealth and studs.Fix the hairstyle with lacquer.

If you do not have time to weave braids or bundles of hair, you can make an ordinary tail and twist it around the elastic band, and not to hide the tips, but to dissolve them like feathers. To decorate this hairstyle, you can use Chinese decorative sticks.