How to make a career woman

If your career has just begun, you have come to work, but you still have some free time, dedicate it to studying the company in which you have to work. Try to carry out all your work orders with quality and accuracy, and be interested in the activities of the enterprise.
Never ask for discounts for yourself because you are a woman. Be an equal and friendly partner and colleague. Maintain smooth, friendly relations with the management and employees of the company.
Think and analyze. You can take a fresh look at the effectiveness of the processes occurring in the enterprise, and come up with a proposal to the leadership for improving the work of your department. Such an initiative will attract attention to you and will be an occasion for you to begin to trust complex and responsible tasks.
Forget the phrases “I don’t know,” “I don’t know how” and, moreover, “it’s not my responsibility.” Just do not overdo it and do not become that workhorse, which will throw off all the routine work, and which meekly everything will pull on yourself.Know your own price, but also confirm that you are capable of more, therefore it is inappropriate to use you as an ordinary performer.
Be initiative and do not wait for assignments and tasks, offer yourself as an assistant and performer. Study the relations between departments, be interested in communication with partners of the company, contractors.