How to make a chair?

A very convenient and simple way to make a chair with your own hands, you can implement in your home workshop yourself. The designs of chairs are completely different, each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. The proposed option assumes a form resembling an easel-cracker with a rising seat.

This chair can have a height between 300 mm and 400 mm. Depending on where you are going to fix the two middle bars for the seat. This is a little less standard, and the chair is not designed for sitting at a high table, rather, it is more suitable for fishing or picnics. It is always possible to extend the legs below, but in this case, the design will look different, and the stability will be slightly worse.

To determine how to make a chair, you will need the following tools and materials:

  • wooden bars of any hardwood. Four crossbars on legs (length - 470 mm, width - 40 mm, thickness - 20 mm), four pieces under the bottom of the seat (length - 320 mm, width - 40 mm, thickness - 20 mm) 320 mm, width - 40 mm,20 mm thick, four bars on top of the seat (350 mm long, two 90 mm wide, two 60 mm wide, 20 mm thick).
  • metal corners of low carbon steel;
  • metal screws 45-50 mm;
  • hacksaw for cross cutting on a tree;
  • electric screwdriver;
  • emery paper of different grains;
  • varnish on wood.

Assembly Instructions

Self-manufacturing and assembly process folding chair includes:

  • Accurate marking and accurate sawing off of plywood and wooden blanks, attaching them with metal screws.
  • The final, fine finish of the product involves thorough cleaning of the surface from dust and burrs emery cloth.
  • Applying varnish on wood to the finished product and waiting for a certain time to dry the wood, which will save you from further cracking and dimensional violations during operation.
  • To make a chair made of wood, it is necessary to take as a basis for the design two frames of wooden bars, firmly interconnected in the upper part with the help of loops. This allows us to form our design. When folded, both frames of the chair should tightly abut each other.
  • The folding chair is brought into working condition by raising the platform for the seat, while moving the frames apart, smoothly lowering the platform for the seat on the edges of the heads of metal screws in the lumen of the front part of the frame. The plane of the seat is held and clearly fixed due to the fact that the surface of the heads of the screws is pressed into the lower part of the surface of the seat. In order to bring the folding chair to the assembled state, it is necessary to raise the front edge of the seat, move the frames together and lower the area for the seat.
  • When folded, our chair looks like a flat bag, which takes up very little space. It can be leaned against the wall, pushed under the bed, put into the gap between the wall and the closet.
  • To make a folding chair you need to take the bars prepared in advance, and connect them with screws and corners, as shown in the figure.
    Folding chair
  • The chair is almost ready to use. It remains only to process each of its elements with sandpaper. First coarse grains to remove roughness and burrs from hard wood inclusions (knots) and protruding parts of screws.Then fine grain to bring the surface to perfect smoothness and condition of applying a lacquer coating.
  • Varnish the wood in several layers, waiting for the full drying time between the application of adjacent layers. This technology provides not only a waterproof function and durability, but also allows you to achieve factory quality and appearance.
  • The final stage in the manufacture of folding chairs is a high-quality drying of the product. It must be remembered that all stages of drying of the lacquer coating should take place in a room with no strong drafts. This condition is necessary not only for uniform drying, but also to prevent dust from entering the fresh coating.