How to make a cola?

Alena Anisimova
Alena Anisimova
January 18, 2013
How to make a cola?

Coca-Cola, without exaggeration, the most popular drink on the planet. You should try it once and this amazing, unique taste will be remembered forever. The recipe of this drink is carefully guarded by the company - manufacturer, but this does not prevent Coca-Cola fans from trying again and again to reveal the secret of preparation. Maybe you wondered about how to make a coke? We have found one recipe for you.

How to make Coca Cola at home

To make a stake at home, we need:

Flavoring components:

  • 3.5ml orange oil.
  • 1ml lemon oil
  • 1,25ml cinnamon oil
  • 0,25ml neroli oil or bergamot oil
  • 0,25ml lavender oil
  • 10g food gum arabic
  • 1ml nutmeg oil
  • 0,25ml coriander oil
  • 2.75ml lime oil
  • 3 ml of water

Components for concentrate:

  • 2l water
  • 2.5ml caffeine
  • 2kg of granulated sugar
  • 17.5ml 75% citric (or phosphoric acid)
  • 30,0 food coloring E150


  • We take essential oils and mix them well together. Add gum arabic and mix, then add water and mix well again. It is better to use a mixer or blender for these purposes.
  • The resulting flavor mix with citric acid (or phosphoric acid). Then mix the water and sugar. Next, you should add caffeine, but if for some reason you do not want to do this, you can not add. It will not affect the taste. So, add caffeine and mix it with water and sugar until it is completely dissolved. We take our mixture of flavors and acid, and slowly pour it into the mixture of sugar and water. Add food coloring E150 (which will give the drink the famous caramel color) and mix well.
  • The concentrate that we received (or part of it) is mixed with water 1: 2.5. Next, you should carbonate our drink. We do this with the help of what is at hand. You can use the machine, which is carbonated drinks (it mixes the concentrate and carbonated water). However, the easiest way is to take ordinary sparkling water and mix it with the concentrate that we received.
  • If you are not looking for easy ways, then you can carbonate water with dry ice. Put the drink in a fairly large dish and close tightly with a lid. Add dry ice to the container (100-250 g. Of dry ice per liter of liquid). We wait until the dry ice is dissolved.Approximately 15 minutes for each liter of fluid. In the process of dissolution, solid carbon dioxide will penetrate into the liquid, forms bubbles, and will evaporate with white smoke. Part of it will settle on the bottom of the dish (hard white flakes). Pour the drink into the prepared container and tightly close the lid.

If you still decide to make Coca Cola at home, remember the following: acid should be poured into water, and not the other way around. So you do not burn it with spray. If you use dry ice, be sure to wear thick gloves.