How to make a computer desk?

Many now prefer homemade furniture. Almost all model names are made: chairs, cabinets, stools, kitchen furniture, and even computer desks. But how to make a computer desk so that it is easy to use, durable and functional? You will learn about this by reading our article below. It turns out that if you do not even have a special skill in assembling furniture, you can still make a good option. And if you like this kind of work, then you have the opportunity to sell your desks and it is profitable now, since there are computers in almost every family. Therefore, follow our simple instructions and get to work.

How to build a computer desk

Usually, a desk for a stationary computer includes: a regular cabinet (we insert our own system unit into it), shelves that slide out (there are keyboards and a mouse), and a cabinet where we put disks, papers. Some versions of the tables still have add-ons - we put additional equipment on them: printers, scanner, speakers.

First you have to download the project you like or draw your own. Of course, there is an option to do everything by sight, but we strongly advise you not to do so.

Bottom part

It is better to collect your table from the bottom. That is, first you collect the cabinet where the system unit will stand. The edges that are visible, you must peel off, except for the drawer and the drawer itself. In order to reinforce the wall of the drawer behind you, you make a screed at the top, up to a hundred centimeters wide, approximately, we also recommend to paste over its edge at the front.

Next, you install the wall (side), guides for thumbs. Everything compares with your scheme. Then install two thrust bearings and two nuts (this is necessary for corner braces). Connect the walls with screws or euro-screws to the bottom, screed and fixed shelf. Only a field of it, you fix the back wall with nails or screws.

Make a computer desk with their own hands: conclusion

Next, we assemble the frame of our drawer. This is done with euro screws and self-tapping screws. After we secured its bottom, set the box in its permanent place and check if it sat down well.And only after that we fix the facade of your box, then install a handle on it (if you need a handle). After that, we install the rest of the accessories on the parts of the almost finished table that are already fastened. Also fasten the cabinet with screws and strut. The next step is to install the tabletop. Install it after you made the mark. Everything must be accurate, otherwise the table will be skewed. First, you install the nuts and attach the superstructure to the table top. Fasten with euro screws. Under no circumstances should hats protrude above the worktop. Then fasten two parts of the table with ties (corner): top and bottom. After that, we insert into the grooves an already made sliding shelf, moving it back and forth several times, so that it “moves” well.

We did not focus on how to make an add-on, as now many computer desks do not provide for it. You should also customize your desk to your system unit. Now the system blocks take up much less space in your desk, so instead of a niche for it, you can make a box for papers and disks, and place the block on the table near the speakers. Everything is committed to minimalism.

Additional tips

  • instead of self-adhesive edges, you can buy a regular PVC profile;
  • in order for you not to interfere with the "spit" of cables, install plugs for them;
  • thrust bearings can be exchanged for supports that regulate height;
  • You can buy ready-made accessories to accommodate disks.

We hope you enjoyed our article on how to build a computer desk. The instruction is written in as simple a language as possible so that you can make your own table without spending any extra time searching for the right material.