How to make a crown?

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How to make a crown?

It is very easy to make a crown with your own hands, and many people make it traditionally from paper or cardboard. But there are many ways to make it from other materials, we will tell you how to make a crown from other improvised means, so that it is as similar as possible to the real, fabulous, beautiful crown of the royal personage.

Brocade Crown

If you have a beautiful fabric, you can make a crown out of it in accordance with the instructions.

  • First you need to make a wire frame. This will require a soft wire cross section from 1.5 to 3 mm. The length of the required piece of wire depends on whether you want to make the crown - small or large. First we make three hoops that will be the basis of our crown.
  • At first we attach five or six short pieces of wire that will be the crown teeth. Then, in the same way, they must be attached to the second hoop, retreating 2-3 cm. The third hoop is also attached to the transverse pieces of wire through the same distance. The result is a round frame.
  • Now we bend the transverse wires and fasten them in the place of attachment of the previous piece of wire so that we get teeth. Based on this design, you can determine how long the transverse wires should be: 3 cm + 3 cm + 6 cm (prong) = 12 cm. 1 cm can be added to the fasteners. And the length of the wire for circles is 15-16 cm.
  • When the frame is ready, proceed to cutting the fabric. We draw a rectangle 15 cm long and 6 cm high. We draw 5 teeth 2 cm high, we add 0.7 cm on the seams.
  • Cut out brocade 2 such parts, fold the front sides inward and sew on the teeth side. Then we fold the side seams and sew them.
  • We turn out the brocade billet and carefully, carefully weave out the seams of the teeth, then carefully iron the threads along these threads, preferably with steam.
  • We have got the brocade crown blank with not stitched bottom. Through the bottom we put the fabric on the wire base.
  • We take the thread in the tone of the fabric and very gently manually bend the edges of the fabric inside and sew them to the base of the wire frame.

Continuing to learn how to make a crown with your own hands, you can give free rein to your imagination and decorate the crown with rhinestones, beads, beads, and shiny ribbons.It will be a very beautiful crown that any royal family would be proud of. Yes, if it is very small in diameter, consider how you will attach it to your head. If necessary, sew the loops for the hairpins, or you can sew a band to the fabric base and tie them under the chin or behind the hair.

Foil crown

You can make a crown, very similar to the real, silver. The frame made of wire can be covered with a usual foil from chocolate or a foil for baking. You can cover it smoothly, with smooth sheets, or you can first wrinkle the foil a little, make it corrugated, and then carefully attach it to the frame partitions. It is necessary to attach, crushing and giving the foil form, it is impossible to sew it with threads, the foil will break through.

Crown of Christmas tinsel

Your crown will become bulky and fluffy if you first make a wire frame, and then braid it with Christmas tinsel. You just have to wind it around the wire, try to make turns at the same distance. Tinsel can take different colors and textures, creating transitions. Only it is necessary to take into account that tinsel can be used to make a large crown.A small frame after such a winding will cease to resemble a crown, it will look like a shapeless mass.

Wire crown

As you already understood, a crown of absolutely any kind can be made on the basis of a wire frame. If you want to know how to make a wire crown, the answer is very simple - based on the same frame. We must take a beautiful shiny wire and wind the frame in different directions. Beautiful decorative beads can be strung on a thin decorative wire and wound with such decorated wire.

And you can make a very beautiful wire crown for a snowflake. The wire should be wrapped around the head, it will be the basis. Then it is possible to weave various patterns from a thin wire, flowers that look like frost on the window, and weave them with fine tinsel.

The art of origami can also help you understand how to make a crown. A video of this process can be viewed below.