How to make a delicious milkshake for summer?

Almost every person has a milkshake associated with childhood, with something light and tasty. The most interesting thing is that it is very simple to get yourself back into that beautiful state when, as a small child, you drank a delicious cocktail bought by your mother. Milkshakes simply can be prepared at home and for this it is not necessary to be a master of the culinary sciences.

By the way, not everyone knows that the birthplace of the milkshake is America, where during the “dry law” times non-alcoholic cocktails were common, they were invented from various combinations of juices, fruits and other ingredients that in various compounds turned into mind-blowing drinks.

Also, few people know that the milkshake has become almost a national symbol in their homeland, and the famous McDonalds network has used it as its slogan.

  • In order for a milkshake to really get tasty and “real”, you need to know some secrets and recommendations that will help you in its preparation. A little milk, ice cream, fresh fruit and, of course, the presence of fantasy and a small amount of time in the supply, is all that is needed to make a delicious milkshake.
  • Milkshake is very quickly prepared, but it must be served immediately, it can not be stored, even in the refrigerator. Fruits that are added to the drink, can react with milk, which is not too positive effect on your stomach.
  • In general, a classic milkshake should consist of only two components: milk and ice cream, and the portionality should be respected, one to one. But the addition of various flavors, syrups and berries is already carried out to taste. You can diversify milkshakes with almost anything: cinnamon, chocolate, nuts, cocoa, ginger, vanilla or any other berries.
  • Even if you are afraid of cold drinks, the milk for the cocktail should be cooled, its temperature should not exceed 6 ° Celsius.
  • When adding fruits, berries or other large components, they must be pre-kneaded well, so the cocktail will be softer.
  • If you decide to make a milkshake with fruit, then it is important to remember that milk does not work well with oranges, grapefruits or tangerines. By the way, apples loved by many, are not combined with milk either.
  • Most often, the milkshake is whipped with a blender or mixer, you must select a high speed to form a thick foam. The finished product is poured into tall glasses, supplemented with a straw and immediately served. We should not forget about the decoration of the cocktail, this is a very important aesthetic component. If you decide to make a bright berry cocktail, then you can decorate it with a cap of whipped cream. Vanilla-milkshake is best decorated with grated chocolate and grated nuts. Pieces of berries, fruits, and nuts can be a versatile decoration for your culinary dairy fantasies.
  • It must be remembered that milk and ice cream are two high-calorie products, so the cocktail is nourishing, and for young ladies who care about the harmony of their figure, we can offer milkshakes, which are purely of milk and juice, as well as fruit.Such a cocktail, of course, will not work with a high cap, but obviously lovers of such a delicacy will definitely like it.
  • Lovers "stronger" can slightly diversify the dairy delicacy, adding a little liquor. Get a delicious dessert for adult ladies. By the way, this delicacy will also be to the sweet tooth men.

These are simple rules to help you properly prepare a cocktail of milk. By the way, in addition to the above, if you do not have a mixer or a blender, do not despair, an ordinary shaker can come to your aid, in which you need to beat the milk and ice cream intensively.

And, if there is no shaker, then an ordinary can, which has a tightly closing lid, will do. So, what are the options for cocktails?


For its preparation you will need: 1.5 liters of milk and 200 g of ice cream, you can add a few pieces of ice and a little fruit syrup to taste. All ingredients must be thoroughly whipped in a cup with a blender or mixer, and then poured into glasses and enjoy.

Here are some common recipes for milkshakes.

"Strawberry fantasy"

To make it you will need:

  • 500 g fresh strawberries;
  • 100 g ice cream;
  • 160 club yogurt, it can be divided into 2 cups.

Strawberries and yogurt are added to the blender cup, and milk and ice cream are also added to it. Everything closes and is whipped at the highest speed for 30 seconds, then poured into 4 cups, decorated and served on the table.


To make it you will need:

  • 100 guvanny ice cream;
  • 80 ml of milk;
  • 10 ml chocolate syrup;
  • 20 ml of sugar syrup;
  • 20 pesto peanuts.

All the preparation is that it is necessary to put peanuts and vanilla ice cream in a blender, then chocolate, sugar syrup is poured there, and milk is poured after. Everything is tightly closed and whipped for one minute, then poured into a tall glass. To make the cocktail even more tasty, instead of sugar syrup it is preferable to use caramel.

With grape juice

To make it you will need:

  • 500 grapes, preferably white;
  • 0.5 cups of sugar;
  • 0.5 cups of milk;
  • a little whipped cream to taste.

It is necessary to thoroughly wash the white grapes, the berries are separated from the leg, then rubbed through the strainer, and the resulting juice is filtered through a sieve to get rid of the seeds and oilcake.Milk must be boiled with a glass of sugar and then cooled. Grape juice is added to the cooled milk, everything is poured into a blender, where it is thoroughly whipped for 30 seconds. Depending on your taste, whipped cream can be added to the cocktail.

In fact, there are many different recipes for milkshakes, which, by the way, you can invent yourself, the main thing is to follow the basic rules.

Do not forget that the milkshake is pleasing to the eye only in high and bright glasses, which are decorated with fruits and berries. People who watch the weight are allowed no more than 1 cup of milkshake per day.

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