How to make a drum?

The first thing you need to do is decide why you need a drum so that after work is over it does not gather dust in the corner. Next you will learn how to make a drum at home.

Drum from fiberboard

The main material will be plywood, which is a bearing structure. We take a five-layer sheet of plywood 30 cm by 122 cm (the diameter of the drum will be 38.83 cm). To bend a sheet of plywood in the cylinder, you need to use a hot tub (40 - 60 � C), because in the usual form of plywood can break. It is necessary to load the sheet for the night, but it is necessary to ensure that the water does not cool. After this time passes, you need to take a strong rope, and gently bending the sheet, fix each position to it. You will need to achieve such a position that one end of the plywood plate goes to the other (the figure 6 should turn out). The next morning, you need to change the ends of the places, that is, now the second should go to the first end. Then you need to make the ends so, the joints are strictly connected to each other, secure your luck with a rope (you can put struts) and then immerse in hot water.

Before you make a drum with your own hands, you need to cut a piece of fiberboard that you need, the length should be slightly less than the length of plywood. Do not remove the rope. Insert the obtained sheets inside to attach a hardboard with plywood, use Epoxy or glue. After that, you need to wait a day, and only then remove the rope.

For the exterior finish, a sheet of fiberboard is needed, the length is a little more plywood, the width is like that of plywood. We also glue with epoxy, and gradually fix each position with screws (the distance should not be more than 15 cm). All excess need to grind off or cut.

They are made of fiberboard and water clamps. It is necessary to cut thin strips (2-3 cm) from a sheet of fiberboard, a little longer than the drum. Of them will be made movable ring. The ring requires 2 strips, one longer by 1 - 1.2 cm. Gluing should be carried out on the tool itself, while it should be covered with polyethylene.

Then we construct a tensioning mechanism from collars (diameter 4-5 cm), straighten them and cut them, drill holes. We make slits in the ring, insert the end of the yoke inside, fix it with the smallest screws.Stretch the other end to the full, adjust the ring to the edge of the instrument, fix the clamp on the drum surface.

The last action is the installation of the membrane. What you need to remove the ring of the clamps, insert an elastic film that will play the role of the membrane, return the ring into place, tighten it again and stretch the membrane, using the twisting of small clamps on the sides.

Paper drum

Then we will talk about how to make a drum out of paper. First of all we draw circles on paper (you can use a bowl), cut them out. Next, we outline the lines along the sheet of paper, which will play the role of attachment between the lower and upper circle of the drum. We manufacture the cylinder by gluing the seams with PVA glue. And the last will remain from the technical side - glue them and the top of the drum, between which there is a mount. All is ready. It remains only to decorate it from the outside. Markers can be used as drum sticks.

Wonderland Drum

Then you can learn how to make a miracle drum box at home. For this drum, you need to divide the circle into sectors that need to sign their values.Prize sums, sector �zero�, sector �bankrupt�, sector �plus�, sector �x2� and sector �prize� are needed. The drum is made of a children's yule, where the arrow is attached, and all values are plotted. A blackboard with a hidden word can be made from a drawing board, where they write letters and shield them with black squares.