How to make a header for the site?

Site header or otherwise header is an important part of site design. But not everyone knows how to make the header for the site impressive. An attractive hat has several advantages:

  • The site will look professional;
  • The site becomes recognizable and unique;
  • The correct header for the site determines the direction of the subject;
  • Sets the corporate identity of the company.

The easiest hat

It is not particularly difficult to make a site header in Photoshop, but there are quite lazy people who do not want to bother and study any programs, but at the same time they want to get everything on a silver platter and for free.

The first way to get a header to your site is to use the service and download the header for the site for free. With it, you can get pretty decent patterns. Here are the resources:

  • FreeWebPageHeader - there are both paid themes for the site header and free themes. The free version is simply copied from the screen;
  • - in addition to the static-type caps, there are even flash-caps, although the choice is not very wide;
  • - there is a set of resources that provide templates for caps for free.

Xheader Hat

This option is also free, but a creative approach is needed here, but as a result you get an almost unique, professional header for the site. With Xheader there is no problem how to make a header for a site within a few minutes. The program has two versions: paid and free. But even the free version has many features:

  • You can make your individual header using the program toolkit or take ready-made templates offered by the program;
  • The free version has 500 different graphic header templates;
  • Templates are divided into categories, so it is easy to choose one that will fit your site;
  • It is possible to change the size of the cap;
  • Through the use of layers, you can arrange the graphic elements in the desired order;
  • Saving projects occurs in the extension XHF, so it is possible to edit the header;
  • In the final version, the header for the site will be saved in JPG format;
  • You can preview how the header will look in the browser window;
  • You can add and modify various kinds of graphic elements: squares, ovals, rectangles, lines and circles. Paint them in different colors and apply a transparency effect to them;
  • It is possible to create caps for the UcoZ site and insert your own images into the templates: for example: logo, portrait, etc .;
  • It is also possible to add and edit text elements, give them color and transparency, use special effects;

In the end, I would like to note that if you are going to develop websites at a serious level, then drop your own laziness, don’t look for easy ways to create a website header and start learning Photoshop. Having studied the program, you will create truly unique designs for your sites.

Cap in Adobe Photoshop

A professional solution is to make a website header in Photoshop. Open a graphic editor and make a canvas, navigate the width of your site. The height of the future cap is determined by their personal preferences, but it is necessary to understand that a very narrow cap looks not very impressive. Also, do not make the header for your site very wide, because having come to the site with such a header, a person may simply not have enough patience to screw up the necessary information.

Pour main background.As a fill, you can choose the tone that matches the overall color scheme of your site. You can beat the contrast, but here you must have a perfect sense of style, otherwise the hat will look like a foreign element on the site. A funny effect is obtained when using the "gradient 0", because with the overflow of color, the header for the site will look special.

It is necessary to determine the location of graphic elements that will correspond to the subject of the site. They can be located at the edges of the cap or move to one of the edges. It is not recommended to arrange a pile of objects. In how to make a header for the site - conciseness is only better. In addition to graphic objects, it is also possible to place a logo. It can be selected using frames, shadows or reflections.

Also, the cap can be optionally supplemented with a slogan or a stylized name of the resource. A variety of photoshop fonts gives you the opportunity to make different versions of these inscriptions. If your site has a game theme, then Gothic fonts are a good fit.

It will look attractive if you make a website header in Photoshop and insert images of buttons on the main menu. Different buttons are also pre-created in Photoshop.Sign them based on the main sections of the site. Using ImageReady, the resulting image is divided into separate segments, so that in the future links to different sections of the site are created. Be sure to save the result of your creativity - and you get a unique header for the site.

The most professional approach is a cap for the site, free of charge made independently, taking into account all the personalities of the site and its intended audience.