How to make a horizontal bar?

Do you like to play sports, but do not always manage to find time for this? Or maybe your kids, whose irrepressible energy, should urgently be sent in the right direction? The easiest way to solve this problem is to think about how to make a horizontal bar with your own hands. After all, this is the most inexpensive and available at any time gymnastic equipment. It remains for you to think over what kind of horizontal bar you want to see in your house - a wall, interior, “wall of a wall”, or generally taken out on the street, and decide on its location.

Wall horizontal bar

From the name it becomes clear that this gymnastic apparatus is mounted along the wall. Best suited for exercises designed to develop the upper shoulder girdle: pull-ups with the help of forward and reverse, wide and narrow grip, workout of the back muscles, chest, biceps and triceps.

Expeditious: when you study information on the topic: how to make a horizontal bar in an apartment, you can meet its other names - interroom or corridor.The most important advantage of such equipment is convenience, compactness and safety, because it is able to withstand a heavy load and a serious weight of an athlete. Everything else, this projectile can be used as a mount for a swing, punching bag, gymnastic rings, ropes and rope ladders.

Swedish wall

Perhaps the most versatile option for the whole family. It can be located on any free vertical surface. Removable suspensions and simulators quietly fasten on the shell itself. In addition, when you decide for yourself how to make a horizontal bar at home, choose a specific construction of the "wall bars" that will allow you to adjust the height of horizontal bars. This is very convenient if the simulator is designed for both children and adults.

We turn to the choice of materials: the inventory can be created from both wood and metal. The main advantages of a wooden horizontal bar - low cost and nice appearance. Metal, although it does not have all these advantages, can boast a significant advantage - reliability, durability and the ability to withstand a serious load.No need to wrestle with how to make a horizontal bar and what material to choose, make a start, first of all, from the functional purpose and the user himself. Try to fit the shell harmoniously into the interior, it may be worth making the entire structure removable. For the location of inventory in open space, it is better to select a grassy lawn. The task of how to make the horizontal bar on the street a little more difficult, because in addition to standard materials, pipes and slats, you should prepare a concrete solution.

For the manufacture of household equipment, you will need a crossbar of circular cross section, similar to the width of the doorway or equal to the distance between the walls where the horizontal bar is to be placed. The standard diameter of the rod should be convenient for gripping, and should be about 3 cm. You will need mounting sockets: wooden bars 10x10cm in size (you can orientate along the width of the door jamb) and 3-5 cm thick. If you decide how to make a horizontal bar in the apartment of metal, choose iron plates for fasteners of the appropriate dimensions. Stock up on a tape measure, a pencil, screws or durable self-tapping screws.In the plates we grind semicircular holes with a diameter equal to the circumference of the crossbar. Then in parallel, with the help of bolts, fasten the two parts on opposite walls. In the nest or webbing set horizontal bar. So you learned how to make straps for the horizontal bar. And, in order to prevent the crossbar from scrolling, it is enough to cut an additional hole on the sides of the beam and in the fixture, insert the pins and fasten the entire structure with bolts.

Everything, now you are the owner of a universal and compact simulator, which is perfect for training all muscle groups and at any time of the year!