How to make a horoscope?

Tired of reading or listening to the same type of horoscopes for your zodiac sign, which, moreover, often do not come true? Judge for yourself how the predictions of the 12 signs of the zodiac for all 7 billion people can be correct? However, you yourself can create your own personal horoscope, which will be most suitable for you.

The natal chart can be called the most accurate horoscope, which defines the main character traits of a person, his possible interests, talents, attitude to life, etc., that is, this is a general horoscope. Let's talk about how to make such a horoscope.

Natal chart: compile yourself

Drawing up a natal chart is a rather painstaking work that requires high accuracy and care. It is believed that without special knowledge here is not enough, but if you take the matter seriously, then you will be able to make a true natal map.

  1. First you need to find out as accurately as possible the time of your birth up to minutes, as well as the place of birth. With respect to time and place, the position of the stars in the sky is calculated, which influence the fate of a person.
  2. After that you need to find out the position of the stars in the sky at the time of birth, taking into account the place and time. It is necessary to determine the position of all the planets in the solar system, as well as the moon and the sun. To do this, it is necessary to calculate the ecliptic longitude of these celestial bodies. The ecliptic for a horoscope is a circle divided into 12 sectors, each of which leaves 30 degrees. By degrees it is possible to determine in which constellation this or that planet was at the time of birth.
  3. Then it is necessary to calculate the relative position of the planets relative to each other. So, if the planets form astrological aspects, we can say that they affect human life. There are such aspects:
    • Connection (the planets are in the same degree and in the same sign) - a positive aspect, means the merging of the functions of the planets;
    • Sextile (planets at a distance of 60 degrees from each other) - a harmonious, successful aspect, means mitigating the situation, predicts positive possibilities;
    • Trigon or trine (the planets are at 120 degrees relative to each other) is a harmonious aspect, denoting constancy and stability;
    • Opposition (the planets are opposite each other at a distance of 180 degrees) is a negative aspect, denotes opposites, difficulties;
    • The quadrature (the relative position of the planets at a distance of 90 degrees) is a negative aspect, denotes tension, contradictions and obstacles.
  4. You also need to calculate the value of the intersection with the horizon: the ascendant, descendant, the intersection with the midpoint and base of the heavens.
  5. Each of the 12 sectors represents a specific house. Houses in the horoscope describe the life of a person in different areas. Characteristics will depend on the position of a particular planet in a particular house at the time of birth. This is what houses mean:
    • 1 House - personality, appearance, early childhood, consciousness;
    • 2 House - possession of a person, his material security, finances, related moral values;
    • 3 Home - relationships with people, social life, communication, communication, perception of information, mind;
    • 4 Home - connection with the past, ancestors, roots, parental home, traditions, karma of the race;
    • 5 Home - creativity, love, self-expression, children;
    • 6 Home - health, work, daily work, working relationships with people;
    • 7 House - partnership, marriage, friendship, enmity, business connections, social work;
    • 8 House - the house of metamorphosis and rebirth, responsible for inheritance, rebirth, death, and so on .;
    • 9 Home - religion, philosophy, worldview, education, world consciousness;
    • 10 Home - profession, career, goal of life, power, communication with the outside world;
    • 11 Home - groups and organizations, acquaintances, friends, teamwork, hopes, achievement of goals;
    • 12 Home - mystical abilities, occult, freedom, mental state.

Given all these moments, you can make a detailed horoscope yourself. The key to this is maximum accuracy.

Horoscope using ephemeris tables

You can make a horoscope using the tables of ephemeris. You will need a table of houses, world atlas, calculator.

  • Ephemeris - a table in which the relative location of the planets for each day. This means that you do not need to calculate anything yourself, you can just look at the table and get the necessary information. So, the Rosicrucian Tables are considered to be good (reviewed throughout the 20th century);
  • The table of houses will help determine the house cusps and axis of the horoscope (for example, you can use the Placidus table);
  • Atlas will help to calculate the exact geographical location at the time of birth;
  • The calculator is needed for calculations in the ephemeris tables.

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But if you find it difficult to create a horoscope for yourself, then you can use already prepared astrological natal charts, for example,. You just need to correctly enter all the necessary data, click on the "Calculate" button, and you will receive a personal detailed natal map.