How to make a liqueur?

Pouring can be an excellent drink that will decorate friendly gatherings at home. It is doubly pleasant to drink brandy, which is prepared at home. If you want to make this drink yourself, we invite you to familiarize yourself with our recipes.

How to make a liqueur at home

Store delights have long been disappointed, or just want to boast their own skills? Make for a festive table or just to relax your own homemade drinks. It is both tasty and certainly without any extra and harmful additives, as they say, an environmentally friendly product. Arrange a tasting and deservedly accept compliments about your culinary abilities! You should choose the most interesting, time-tested and people recipes.

Homemade liqueur

There are many recipes for this tasty drink, liqueurs are made from different berries and for every taste. Sweeter - raspberry, strawberry, plum. For lovers of sour - cherry, currant, gooseberry, cranberry. You can make drinks not only from homemade berries and fruits,but even with the addition of various seasonings and spices, which will add zest and spice to any drink. It will be original and accurate "without plagiarism." If you are not a fan of summer cottages or home-grown berries, you can make an interesting and original pineapple juice. Such a drink will not be able to offer anywhere, and you will act as a big inventor.

And now we offer several recipes for liqueurs.

Cherry pouring

To do this, you need directly the berry itself - 3 kg. Only ripe and whole berries should be selected. They can be flattened, but in no way rotten.

  • Berries need to be washed thoroughly, and it is better to soak in cold water. Leave for a day. So you will save the fruit from invisible dust and unwanted "tenants". Then the fruit must be dried by putting it on a paper towel: it will absorb excess moisture.
  • Take the bottle, wash and place in a pot of boiling water for sterilization. Dry the container.
  • Then pour sugar into the bottle. The amount of sugar can be different - from 0.5 to 1.5 kg. It depends on your preference. To get a moderately sweet drink, you will need 1 kg. First, it is better to pour sugar, and then put the berries.Sugar will absorb all the juice that cherries make. This will save you from constant agitation of the bottle with all its contents.
  • Take the cherry. Bones can be removed or left. It does not affect the taste of the drink. Add berries to sugar.
  • After that, tie the neck tightly with gauze. Top cover, you can wrap cling film. The main thing - do not let the air get into the container with the liqueur. This will lead to the fact that the drink will be very sour, unfit for consumption.

After these preparations, put the jar with all its contents in a warm, sunny place. This is done so that the fermentation process takes place quickly and calmly.

After 3-5 days, depending on the temperature, the berries will start to ferment. This is a signal that it is time to remove the gauze cover. Now you should install on the neck of the bottle the following fixture, for which you need a cap, a transparent tube and a glass of water.

In the lid you need to make a hole. In this hole you need to hang up. One end of the tube should be inside the bottle. Its length is 5 cm. The second is placed in a glass of water. But make sure that the tube fits tightly into the opening of the lid; there should be no space. At this stage, it is also not allowed to get excess air into the pouring.Cover the bottle. This will give the opportunity to determine the time of fermentation of the drink. When the water from the glass “crawls” into the tube, it will mean that the fermentation process is over. After these procedures, the bottle should be placed in a warm dark place for several weeks.

When the liquor is fermented, it needs to be drained. The filter can make a gauze. It is necessary to strain the drink until such time as it turns out transparent non-mutated pouring. Pour the drink in the bottle, close the lids as tightly as possible. As such, your cherry liqueur will persist for a long time, do not lose your taste and wait for the arrival of guests.

Cranberry pouring

Cooking liqueurs can include yourself and adding vodka. For this you should choose only high-quality and expensive vodka. If you use non-premium vodka, it will affect the taste of your liqueur. Berries can be added different - sour or sweet. Perfect cranberries.

  • Take 1kg. cranberries. Pick ripe berries, you can also use frozen ones. It does not affect the taste. Thawed out slowly, without hot water, just putting the cranberries in a bowl.
  • Wash the berries well, drain the water, put it on a colander.
  • When the water is drained, scroll through the meat grinder or in a combine. When you get a homogeneous gruel, put it in a bottle or jar.
  • For a mass of ground cranberries put 1 kg. sugar, pour 1 liter of vodka.
  • Fill the entire mass with mineral water without gas.
  • Capacity well close the lid, under it you can tie gauze. The main thing is to get tightly clogged.
  • Shake the can well to mix the contents.

When all the necessary procedures are done, the vessel with the future liqueur should be hidden from sunlight. Put the bottle in a dark place so that the temperature is not below +22 degrees. In this mode, the bank needs to hold for 2 months, then strain and bottle.

Observing these simple step-by-step instructions, having expended a lot of effort, you can easily please yourself and your loved ones with a deliciously prepared alcoholic beverage - home-made liqueur. Indeed, in this article we described in detail the rules for how to make a liqueur at home.