How to make a magnet?

Alena Mikhailova
Alena Mikhailova
November 26, 2014
How to make a magnet?

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How to make a magnet?

Every person has a magnet in the house; it can be used on the farm or decorated and attached to the refrigerator so that it serves as an interior decoration. However, few people know that it can be created independently at home. Below will be described how to make a magnet with your own hands.

Making a magnet at home

There are several ways to make a magnet; some of them are very simple, so they can do anything. It takes only patience and a little skill. You will not need to collect certain metals, melt them and add special substances.

Method number 1

You can make a magnet using a strong permanent magnet. You only need to spend several times on the metal object strictly in one direction. That's just such a magnet will retain its magnetic properties for a short period of time, so the procedure will have to be repeated from time to time.

Method number 2

For a metal object to acquire magnetic properties, it is necessary to conduct an electromagnet on its surface.In this case, the object will retain its magnetic properties longer and will not need to be “magnetized” often. Read about the manufacture of an electromagnet in our article How to make an electromagnet.

Method number 3

In order to make a more durable magnet, you will need to find a bar of hardened steel and an inductance coil. However, in size the piece of steel must fit completely inside the coil. In order to avoid a short circuit, it is better to insert a fuse into the circuit.

To make a magnetized object last longer, it is recommended to find a bar of steel, iron or alnic. The latter is quite difficult to find, but if you need a durable magnet, you can try to find it.