How to make a mosaic?

There are many types of mosaics. These are the simplest toys, where there is a platform with holes and bright small details that make up the drawing. These parts have different shapes and colors. The mosaic can be attributed puzzles of all sizes. Cubes on which there are pictures and you need to collect them are also a kind of mosaic. Recently, mosaics have appeared for children, which not only develop artistic taste, but also skills of manual creativity. They are beautiful pictures, on which it is necessary to fix various elements of the pattern with a sticky base. The finished work is very beautiful, the fine motor skills of the child develop, his imagination and imagination.

Paper mosaic

It is very easy to guess how to make a mosaic yourself. If you have a beautiful children's picture, then it will make a beautiful mosaic. We need to take a sheet of thick cardboard and stick a picture on it. Then from the side of the cardboard, divide the craft into equal pieces. You will get cubes that you will need to add to get the correct picture.

You can go the other way.On a large dense sheet, you can draw a large pattern, for example, a flower, a ball, a butterfly, etc. Then take colored paper and cut it into small, even figures - triangles, squares, circles. Then sit down with the child to play - glue the colored pieces on a large drawing. Choose colors that you want, as long as there is a pattern in them, and you get a drawing.

Mosaic of cereals

A very interesting way how to make a mosaic with your own hands is to use multi-colored cereals. If you take buckwheat, peas, millet, barley, corn grits, lentils, rice, then you will notice that they have a different color. We take a solid base, for example, plywood, cardboard from the box. We apply transparent varnish or PVA glue on the base. And now you can lay out any picture of multi-colored cereals. You can put a brown buckwheat tree, pea autumn leaves, rice sky, lentil ground. And the border between them can be laid out with thin wire, tape, thick paint. It will be a stunning beautiful mosaic, 100 percent exclusive and made from natural materials.

Bead Mosaic

Instead of cereals, you can use multi-colored beads.Plastic beads for sale, not at all expensive, but very beautiful. You can take an ordinary A4 frame, separate the glass from it, put a drawing on it with a marker and lay it out with colored beads. By the way, for such a mosaic, you can use any parts of old beads. When the mosaic is dry, insert it back into the frame and admire the original picture!

Improvised mosaic

If you decide what you can make a mosaic of, then believe that of everything! Matches, buttons, shells, pebbles, even dry leaves and blade of grass. Mosaic is even made from fragments of Christmas tree decorations, from an egg-shell, from colored patches, pieces of ribbons. All these small items should be divided into groups according to color and shape. Pick about the same. And then you can attach them to the glue on a pre-designed pattern.

Fabric mosaic

Everyone knows the famous Russian folk quilts and bedspreads. But this is also a mosaic. It is much more difficult to do it than from paper beads, but the result is simply magnificent and very durable! We need to come up with a drawing of a future bedspread, then we need to draw it on paper. By doing this, you will understand how many scraps and what color you need. The shape of the scraps, too, must be carefully considered.When you have cut everything out, you will need to proceed to painstakingly combining the pieces of the mosaic into a single canvas. To make it even, after attaching 2-5 parts, you need to iron the fabric, in case of the appearance of “bubbles” you will have to make new seams.

Now you know almost everything about how to make a mosaic at home and enjoy the fruits of their creativity in everyday life.