How to make a paper boat?

Ksenia Gaynulina
Ksenia Gaynulina
November 26, 2014
How to make a paper boat?

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How to make a paper boat?

Practically everyone in his childhood made ships of paper, and then he let them travel along brooks, which seemed to be really big, turbulent rivers. In order to make a boat out of paper for yourself or your child, use our instructions, which are given below.

Making a ship

Making an origami boat is not at all difficult; you only need a rectangular sheet of thick paper. You can take colorful sheets, as well as with drawings to make the boat look bright and original.

  1. So, take a sheet of paper and fold it in half. The upper corners need to be bent at a right angle to the center of the sheet, and the free edges - up from all sides.
  2. In order to get a triangle, turn the corners of the sheet inside. Next, make a square. To do this, we reduce the angles of the base of the triangle together.Paper boat
  3. After you need to get a triangle again. We do this: bend the bottom corners up. Make sure everything is symmetrical.
  4. Then we bring the corners of the base together so that we get a square.
  5. The final stage: we take the square by the upper corners and stretch it slightly in different directions, in other words, we open the ship. Bred until the ship turns out.

How to decorate the boat

You can attach a beautiful mast to the boat, and you can make it from the most different material. Multi-colored feathers will look unusual. You can also take a toothpick and attach to it a paper-cut flag or candy wrapper from candy. If you want to make a symbolic gift in the form of a decorative boat, for example, sailors or lovers of travel, you can decorate the top of the mast with a heart. The heart can be cut out of paper or bought in a shop for needlework. Such a gift will fit even on February 14th.