How to make a party?

A party is always a lot of trouble, albeit pleasant in its majority, but still consuming a lot of energy. In order for the holiday to be a success and no failures have occurred, it is necessary to make a clear plan in advance, which will help to arrange everything as it should. In this article we will tell you how to make a party such that it will be pleasant and remembered by all your guests for a long time.

Date, place and time

If your party is dedicated to any personal holiday such as a birthday or wedding anniversary, you should not strive to have a party on this particular day. It is best to move the celebration closer to the weekend, so that the majority of your guests do not need to go to work the next day and they can rest and relax in peace.

It is also necessary to determine the venue for a noisy celebration. Before you make a party at home, consider whether it is worth exposing your home to danger if you are planning a really hectic fun. Perhaps it makes sense to rent an apartment.

Also try to immediately alert guests, until what time you are planning a celebration.The fact is that if the party ends deep past midnight, guests will have to think in advance about ways to get home. You need to be prepared for the fact that someone may want to stay with you for the night. Either warn in advance that this is not possible, or prepare sleeping places so that your guests are as comfortable as possible.

Theme of the evening

The next question that many people care about is what kind of party can be made to make it fun and original. Here, much again depends on what occasion you decide to gather friends. You don't have to have a theme party, but everyone is pretty tired of the standard sit-rounds at the table. Invent some scenario of the evening, contests, decorate the interior of the house in the appropriate style, pick up music, etc. However, be careful with costume parties - not everyone loves them.

Guest list

If you are having a party at home, you can hardly invite a whole crowd of people to your place. Regarding the number of guests, build on the area of ​​the room where the event will take place.

In addition, try to pick a company of people with similar interests, or vice versa, a company where everyone can find a like-minded person. Someone likes to sing and dance, someone prefers long conversations about politics in the kitchen. To make it all fun and no one missed, try to take into account the interests of each of the invitees.

Event budget

You don't want to go broke after this party, right? Therefore, it is necessary to think in advance how much money you will need to hold the event and how much you are willing to spend. You can reduce the cost of a party if you ask your friends to bring some food and drinks with you on holiday.


We have not accepted to send official invitations to home parties. Usually, everything is limited to phone calls to guests. However, here you need to be careful not to forget anyone. It is better to write a list of guests on a piece of paper and, as the guests are informed about the upcoming party, cross them out of the list. You should not ask someone to send your invitation to another guest: the person you don’t bother to personally invite may be offended and not go on a holiday.


Think over the menu for the party.If you want to cook something yourself, you will need to buy products for the party and start cooking in advance. We offer you the following options for snacks that are easy to prepare:

  • sausages on skewers;
  • various canapes;
  • sandwiches;
  • fish or meat rolls;
  • light salads served in bowls;
  • Cookies, crackers, cakes.

Now there are many options to order food from a restaurant with home delivery. In addition, as we have already mentioned, you can ask guests to bring food with them.


Considering that alcohol helps people to relax, relieve stress and it is easier to find a common language with each other, special attention should be paid to this item. Of course, everything depends on the guests who will be present at the party, but if you do not know their tastes, then you should stop at the following list of alcoholic beverages:

  • wine;
  • champagne;
  • Martini;
  • vodka;
  • whiskey.

These are the most popular drinks with a degree, so there is no person among those invited to whom at least one of these strong drinks will not fit.

Of course, do not forget about the non-drinking audience.In order not to upset people, do not stop at the banal soda and juice. Take time and prepare the following cocktails:


The main entertainment at the party should be dancing, so do not forget to stock up on good musical equipment. However, even real music connoisseurs will not judge you if you use a laptop with connected speakers as a stereo system. If you are an adherent of the same style of music, do not forget that everyone has different musical tastes (if this is not a theme party), so try to playlist consisted solely of modern dance hits.

Do not forget about those who are not a fan of music. For them, you can create separate "islands" where guests can:

  • have fun with video games;
  • take part in active games (table tennis, twister, billiards);
  • have fun in different.