How to make a person laugh?

Today, many doctors are turning to methods of psychotherapy, which have a beneficial effect on a person. One of these methods is gelotology, which involves the treatment of laughter. A case in point with such a cure is the case of the American psychotherapist Norman Cousins. With his diagnosis, medicine was powerless. Norman did not bury himself in advance; he watched various humorous shows throughout the day. Gradually, he began to see the movement of paralyzed fingers, the pain stopped. And he learned to move and walk again, in the end he fully recovered. It is to him that the world owes such a phenomenon as gelotology. Therefore, questions about how to make a person laugh are given a lot of attention.

Laughter treatment

Laughter can be used to treat depression, a huge number of people around the world suffer from this disease. And if it is not stopped, the death rate due to suicide will increase dramatically. Such studies were conducted by the World Health Organization.Therefore, many scientists began to think about how to make people laugh during such an illness. Australian scientists, as an additional treatment, have released a CD. On this disc, they recorded laughter and positive approving statements from interesting people. As a result, good results appeared, the condition of the patients began to improve.

Make a friend laugh

Consider how to make a friend laugh. There are various situations in life, and if your friend is disheartened, you should try to stir and laugh him. First, do not leave him alone. It is necessary to imagine how this well-known humorist could beat this situation, or imagine that the situation would be resolved and how you would share it with your friend in the company so that everyone could have fun. Common memories that very often remind of curious incidents that happened in his life often cause a smile and laughter. Just remember about it.

Make laugh girlfriend

Consider how to make a girlfriend laugh. Girls are attracted by guys with a good sense of humor. These guys are not afraid to look ridiculous in her eyes and try their best to make her laugh. It should be remembered that the girls respect the subtle humor, and on the first date you should not tell obscene jokes.Girls are generally quite easy to laugh, because they like the attention of guys. Therefore, it is necessary to stock up on several popular jokes, which today are full of TV screens and monitors. And the right time to insert a joke is always there.

Laugh a guy

Let's see how to make a guy laugh. They are also not quite difficult to laugh. They love jokes and many of the guys are ready to listen to them for hours. Shared memories of any events also make them smile and laugh, they often like to remember the school year, that's where there was room for fun. Such memories cause sincere laughter. And in order to make an unfamiliar guy laugh, you can try to laugh yourself, and if the laughter is also infectious, then not only the guy starts laughing, but everyone around him. Such experiments were carried out more than once, and they have a positive effect.

If you want to amuse people, you can learn from the British and spend some time as a free-runner, which means �free hugs�. We need to gather a small group of people, make a sign and write on them: �I embrace for free�. Take a walk with such signs on the busy places of the city.And then you will see that there will be quite a lot of people ready to embrace and smile. Laugh on health!