How to make a room in Minecraft?

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How to make a room in Minecraft?

If outsiders often come to your house and take away your belongings, then you should think about creating a secret room where all your belongings will be stored. How to make a room in Minecraft, will be discussed in our article.

Creating a secret room

It is worth noting that the secret room is an ordinary room, but with a secret door. For its manufacture it is necessary to prepare:

  • an iron door (wooden in this case is less stable);
  • two paintings 1 * 2 or one - the size of 2 * 2 and more. Pictures are used to hide the door;
  • two pressure plates;
  • buttons or levers.

Having prepared the necessary materials, you can start creating the door:

  1. From the very beginning it is necessary to choose the place where the door will be installed. Select the wall and make a hole in it under the door, which should be above the floor by 1 block. Thus, no one can understand that you have a door there. You can also choose one of the rooms in the house and close it with a secret door.
  2. Install the door facing you.
  3. Install pressure plates on both sides, on which there will be levers or buttons. Here, each player chooses what suits him best.
  4. Hide the doorway with pictures so that it is not visible at all. It is necessary to hang pictures not on the door itself, but next to the wall. This way you can get into the secret room.
  5. Now, when you approach the door, the pressure plate will act, and you will be able to open the passage to the room.

Additional option

There is another way to create a secret door. The main stages of the installation are the same as in the first case, but instead of the plates use the button and redstone. Thus, approaching the picture, the door will not open automatically, but only after pressing a button. Redstone is installed on the floor, and it must be in contact with the wall and the door.

Thus, hiding the usual room behind the secret door, you can save your savings in the game, and none of the players will be able to profit from your property.