How to make a shovel?

Standard garden shovels often suffer from one flaw. Tuleka (that is, the part of the web into which the cutting is inserted) breaks in them quite often, because it has a small size, even smaller than that provided by state standards. It may be easier for manufacturers to make such shovels, but gardeners and gardeners suffer from this. Therefore, we will consider how to make a convenient and non-standard shovel with your own hands.

How to make a shovel: instructions

Before we start work, we must make sure that we have the following materials:

  1. a sheet from a pointed copial spade;
  2. thick steel sheet for web;
  3. strip of steel 45x4 mm;
  4. welding machine.

So, how to make a spade with your own hands. To make a really comfortable garden shovel, you need to take a cloth of a standard spade and cut off her tuleka. Next, you need to take a thick sheet of steel, roll it up (with the help of large clutches and a sledge hammer) and make it a tule length twice as large as it was, this is at least.Then the rest of the body of the shovel needs to be welded to the tuleyka with the canvas. This is best done with a steel strip of 45x4 mm, sharpened from the bottom. Insert the cutting into the spade, which is recommended to be made from young pine. It is necessary to insert it only the wide party, for ensuring durability. The handle can be made of a metal slingshot with a crossbar of wood in the middle and put it on the handle. Thus, the shovel is ready. Deepening such a shovel into the ground, you place your foot exactly in the middle of the canvas, which will greatly facilitate the work, while increasing the efficiency of the excavator. And the sharpened side of the metal strip cuts the ground, which also simplifies your work. Raising a piece of land, an excavator can easily transfer a hand below or above the handle. In addition, the fork handle makes it possible to rotate the canvas to the side.

How to make a snow shovel

Materials required for work:

  1. a piece of three-layer plywood with a size of 45x45 cm;
  2. a piece of board 45 cm long and 2.5 cm thick;
  3. rail 4-5 cm wide, 2.5 cm thick, about 2 m long

To make a snow shovel you need to find plywood for a shovel shovel, size 45x45 cm.Cut the end part of the scoop out of the trimming board with a length of 45 cm too. The width of such an end face is 8 cm. Prepare the butt for the scoop. Dissolve a piece of wood. Plan it from all sides and plot an arc, along which you will remove excess wood. With the above specified sizes of shovels, this is 3 cm from each end. After removing the surplus you get the right part. Next, take up the manufacture of cuttings for a shovel. For cutting will need unedged board with a length of at least 2 meters. After making the cutting, take the part that you made at the very beginning, mark the cutting place exactly in its center, which is equal to the thickness of the cutting. Next, you need to accurately saw through, and then gouge a small opening with a chisel. Next, start assembling a shovel. Mount plywood. Nail the plywood with three or two nails to the end. Then, with the help of a tape measure, you need to determine the places for nailing in the cutting in the center of the plywood, and you can nail the cutting to the plywood. Here you need, as accurately as possible to nail the cutting to the center of plywood. The deviation of the cutting away from the middle, will create a great inconvenience in the work: the shovel will pull in one direction. Shovel ready.You can additionally still make a metal edge for a snow shovel. But it is not necessary to do this. This is done according to your desire.