How to make a skeleton?

Making a skeleton costume for a theme party or a carnival is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. In other words - he who seeks will always find. Little adventure seekers torture parents with a questionhow to make a skeleton?Many boys would like to appear in a skeleton costume at a carnival or in the courtyard, just to surprise friends.

How to make a skeleton costume

So, dear parents, for this very simple task you will need: minimal artistic skills, an old black tracksuit with a hood, white gouache, paint brushes, a needle with black thread, tailor’s chalk or a piece of dry soap, black socks and gloves, newspapers, skull mask or makeup. Let's start:

  1. 1.First try on a tracksuit. He should sit tight. The more he fits, the more realistic the costume will turn out. You must understand that the costume must be old or unnecessary, as it will be completely flawed.
  2. 2.When wearing a tracksuit, mark them with chalk or dry soap: bones, knees, elbows.Make labels schematically - you will paint the costume a bit later.
    1. 1.Now it's time to find outhow to make a skeleton head.For this we need a hood. It should be worn, carefully pulled and with the help of pins to secure the edges of the hood so that it fits his face as tightly as possible. Then, be careful not to cut the face with pins, remove the olympic shirt and squeeze the edges of the hood with black threads as tightly as possible.
    2. 2.Then you should fill the sports pants and jacket with newspapers, having rolled them up beforehand in flat rolls. After this, a “stuffed skeleton” should be put on the floor and pressed it so that it becomes flat. Secure it with adhesive tape.
    3. 3.Only now we need gouache and tassels. To know exactlyhow to make a hand skeleton, you need to look at the picture of Koshchey the Immortal, from a famous fairy tale, and try to draw. To get started, practice, and then on the sleeves of a sports sweater, draw the bones of the arms, ribs and spine. It may happen that the paint is quite thick and the picture falls unevenly, then just dilute it with water. If the shirt is long enough, the bones of the pelvis are also drawn on it.Similarly, the bones of the legs, knees and lower leg bones are drawn on the pants. The torso is almost ready.
    4. 4.The next stage - the hands and feet. Gloves should also be filled with old newspapers. We take a thin brush and begin to draw the phalanges of the fingers and the bones of the hands. Draw the last phalanx slightly pointed to create the effect of long nails. Then proceed to the footsteps. Draw them on black socks. The most convenient way to do this, before putting the toe on the leg. Just before that, put on her a plastic bag so that your baby or your baby’s leg stays clean. After the paint has dried, the sock can be removed. The hood can also be painted in the shape of a skull.

How to make a skeleton head

How to make a skeleton mask

To give a final answer to the question,how to make a skeleton costume, we need a skeleton mask or Koshchey. But it may be that this is not at hand or you just forgot to buy it. Then the best way here is a face painting. Buy special paints that do not irritate the skin and apply black and white skull-like makeup.

The costume of the skeleton can be supplemented with a spider on a rubber band. Make it yourself or buy it.It will also look very impressive small paper skeleton on a decorative chain of cardboard.

About,how to make paper skeletonand a chain of cardboard, as well as a spider, read on the Internet. In the sections of paper crafts or origami, since it is rather difficult to describe this process with words, it is better to see it in the video. Good luck to you crafts. Surprise your loved ones with a unique skeleton costume.