How to make a slide show?

Photos that you brought from vacation, business trip or interesting trip had accumulated too much and just looking at them becomes so boring? Then you need to think about how to make watching fun and pleasant, namely: how to make a slideshow. There is nothing difficult in this, you just need to choose the right program and attach a little imagination. To create a slide show, you can use the following programs: Microsoft PowerPoint, MovieMaker, Pinnacle Studio, as well as some online resources that will also help you create an interesting and colorful movie. These programs for creating videos and presentations will help you and tell you how to make a slideshow for free. We will analyze on the example of various programs how to make a slide show. Photos usually require a little, but you can choose the amount of material to your taste.

How to create a slideshow in PowerPoint

  1. To get started, select the photos from which you want to make your movie. Chose? Excellent.
  2. Open the program Microsoft PowerPoint 2010. I consider in the article the latest version of the program, as it has the largest range of possibilities for registration.You can also use earlier versions (2003 and 2007), the mechanics of creating presentations and slide shows in them are not key differences.
  3. Click on the "Insert" tab on the control panel and select the "Photo Album" section. Click the “Create photo album” option and in the opened window select the “File or Disk” command.
  4. Select the folder where your photos are stored, and select the ones you want to insert into the slideshow. Click the Insert button, then Create.
  5. On the control panel, click "View", then the option "Slider Sorter". Now you can swap frames. Select the “Normal” mode and change the name of the slide show on the first slide.
  6. Click the Transitions tab. You can individually apply different transitions to each slide, or you can make all the same by clicking the "Apply to all" button.
  7. Save the document by selecting the “Windows Media Video” file type. Now you can easily launch your slide show, made in any version of the program using any media player.
  8. You can change the size, style and design of your photos using the "Work with Pictures" tab.
  9. In order to simplify your task of creating a slide show, you can use a ready-made template.To do this, go to the main menu, click the "Create" option and select the "Predefined Templates" or "Saved Templates" command (depending on the version of the program). Choose one of the templates and adjust it to your liking: insert your photos, captions and notes.

How to create a slide show in the program Movie Maker

The program Movie Maker allows you to glue together simple clips and slide shows in the video. How to do it? Very simple.

  1. Open Movie Maker.
  2. In the left part of the window select the “Import Images” command. Select the photos you want to insert into your slideshow, click the Import button.
  3. At the bottom, on the ribbon, where the progress of your future slide show is displayed, select the Storyboard Display tab. A bar will appear with a lot of empty frames and transitions between them. Drag your photos onto empty frames in the order in which you want to see them in the slideshow.
  4. In the left window, "Movie Operations" click "View video effects." A window will open with a variety of effects available. Drag the video effects you like into the small square windows that are attached to each frame.
  5. In the left window “Movie Operations” click the “View video transitions” command. A window will open with a variety of available transitions.Drag video transitions you like into small rectangular windows between frames.
  6. Click in the options window the command “Creating titles and captions”, write a name for your slideshow, select an animation with which this title will play.
  7. On the ribbon displaying the storyboard slide show, click the button "Display timeline." On the tape, where the sound is (under the tape with the video), we will need to drag the desired audio file. To do this, first import it into the program, and then drag it from the workspace onto the ribbon. Add attenuation or increase sound. Trim as necessary audio track.
  8. Convert the project in wmv format and save it to your hard drive. Slideshow is ready.

How to make a slide show online

In addition, you can make a slide show online at the following services:

Most of these sites are free, but you’ll still have to fork out on some of them or simply register to get a clip from the photos you’re dreaming of.