How to make a small sight in the COP?

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How to make a small sight in the COP?

Conter-Strike 1.6 still holds professional competitions with prizes among gamers. This is due to the perfect balance of the game. After the game became a cyber discipline, many gamers began to train in order to win the competition. But at the initial stage, the player usually uses various tricks in the game that help him play better. Reducing the maximum sight in the game is one of these tricks.

Consider together how to make a small sight in the COP.

How to make a small sight in the COP 1.6

There are three simple ways to make a small sight in cs 1.6, which will not expand when running and shooting. And they are all done via the console:

  1. In the first method, open the console and enter the phrase "cl_dynamiccrosshair 0". Then the sight will cease to expand when firing, however, while running, the scope will also change its appearance, expanding.
  2. The second method will help avoid the extension of the sight while running. To do this, enter in the console "+ duck", and then close it.You will find yourself in a sitting position. Open the console again and enter “cl_lw 0” and “–duck”. After that we close the console and we can be pleased that when running, the scope does not change and remains the same as when sitting. However, each time you visit a new server, you will have to repeat the commands.
  3. The third method will require reducing the screen resolution to 800x600 or 640x480. At first it will be inconvenient to play, but then you will get used to it. We enter in the console still "cl_dynamiccrosshair 0". After that we go to any server and see that the scope is reduced. You can go to the server, and nothing will change. However, the next time you enter the game you will have to repeat the actions.

All these methods will help the new player to get used to the game with such an eye and learn how to shoot accurately. However, in competitions this method is not a ride. It is better to learn to play with a normal sight.