How to make a snowflake?

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How to make a snowflake?

In anticipation of the New Year holidays, both adults and children prepare for them with special enthusiasm. And here you can not do without such an important decoration of the house and the Christmas tree - snowflakes! To make your snowflakes original and unique this year, we offer several ways to make them from different materials.

Beaded Snowflake

This snowflake turns out beautiful and airy. For work, you will need beads of different shades, wire, as well as beads of 2 types of slightly larger sizes.

The principle of working on a snowflake is stringing beads on a wire and requires a basic knowledge of beadwork.

Stringing 6 beads on one side of the wire, you need to make a central circle of the future snowflake, passing the other end of the wire through the last bead. Then pull everything into a circle. After the same principle, weaving 5 “petals” around the middle, consisting of 5 beads, is performed. The next row of petals can be performed with beads of a different shade. To make a hexagonal snowflake, you need to periodically thread the wire under each first or every second bead from the previous row during weaving.

Further, with the help of larger diameter beads, the edges of the snowflake are made, putting 6-8 beads on the wire. And so around the perimeter. Using periodically beads of different sizes and shades, as well as depending on the snowflake pattern, the weaving of this type of Christmas decoration can be very diverse.

Fabric snowflake

If you like to sew, but do not know how to make a snowflake for your Christmas tree, the sewing experience will definitely help you.

To work on a soft snowflake, you will need pieces of fleece of two shades, a piece of satin ribbon, scissors and a thread with a needle.

Initially, you need to cut out three circles of fabric using a template with a selected diameter (12-20 cm). Two of them are better for making a white shade, one (it will be internal) - blue or pink. On the white circles need to make cuts, symmetrical along the radii of the circle. Then from the seamy side, you need to tuck and hem each neckline in order to well mark the airiness of the snowflake.

Next, you need to cut the ribbon with a length of 10-12 cm, fold it in half in the form of an eyelet and sew it to one of the circles on the wrong side. And now it remains only to combine all the details of the snowflake in this order: a white circle, color, again white and sew it all up with a thread and a needle with an overlay stitch.

You can make a huge amount of such soft snowflakes, and if you change the shades of the fabric and use different obmetochnye threads, for example, take a thread with Lurex, you get original holiday decorations.

Macaroni Snowflake

The most original snowflakes are obtained from such materials as macaroni. And plus to all such snowflakes will be light and openwork. For this type of Christmas decoration, macaroni in the form of “flower”, “spiral”, “seashells” or “bows” will fit, as well as glue and paints in a can.Snowflakes

The process of making snowflakes from pasta is quite simple. Choosing for the manufacture of pasta suitable form, it is better to pre-spread them on the table. So you can quickly determine what will be in the end, and if anything, you can replace both a single makaroshka and the general form of a snowflake.

Pasta snowflakes can be made from flowers or spirals, and can be combined from different types of pasta. For example, the middle of the run of flowers, and the rays of snowflakes - from the bows.Snowflakes

When the sketch of the future snowflakes is thought out, you can begin to connect the parts, gluing them together with hot glue.Then you need to cover the snowflake with paint, and when it dries, tie a loop so that you can hang a beautiful and unusual pasta snowflake on the Christmas tree.

Other options for making snowflakes out of paper can be found in the article How to make snowflakes not out of paper.

Paper snowflake

The classic and familiar way of making snowflakes is paper. But even from such a simple material you can make a huge amount of a wide variety of snowflakes to decorate a festive house.

To make a snowflake cut out of paper turn out to be open and beautiful, more than onceSnowflakesyou have to train, throwing away a lot of paper. How to cut a snowflake out of paper, tell the article How to cut snowflakes.

Try one of the ways to cut a snowflake that will beautifully decorate the walls of your house to create a festive atmosphere.

To make a snowflake you need to take a square sheet of paper and fold it diagonally into four. Then the resulting triangle is tripled so that the two lower corners are set in opposite directions. Trim the bottom corners.Snowflakes

Next, you need to draw a pencil version of the pattern. To get the maximum openwork snowflake, the pattern should pass along the edges of both sides of the paper figure, and its middle is cut. In this case, the details of the pattern should have angular elements. And when the finished snowflake unfolds, it turns out openwork six or twelve final figure.