How to make a stencil?

Yuri Belousikov
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How to make a stencil?

Making a stencil is easy, the main thing is to follow the instructions, and everything will work out. We have prepared for you a small guide on how to make a stencil yourself. First, we list the necessary tools and materials for the work, and then we give fairly detailed instructions for manufacturing.

How to make a stencil of paper

There are no complicated tools or hard-to-reach materials here. All this can be easily purchased at any store or in the office supplies department. So, we need the following:

  1. A4 paper of standard density;
  2. copy paper;
  3. cardboard or drawing paper;
  4. plain glass;
  5. stationery knife.

Well, now the promised instructions on how to make a stencil yourself. To begin with, we print the image we like on the printer, but 100% of the future stencil size. If the stencil is too large for a single sheet of A4, then the sheets can be easily glued together with ordinary masking tape.Now transfer the image to cardboard or drawing paper with copy paper. It is best to use the most common copy paper. By the way: in order to make a reusable stencil, it would be best to laminate it, or to glue it with tape on both sides. Next, use a stationery knife to cut open areas of the future stencil. But remember that you need to cut out only those areas that you plan to paint, otherwise the picture will turn out to be completely different from what you had planned.

We improve our stencil

And now a few nuances. In order to make it easier to cut, as well as to get even lines, it is necessary to put the most ordinary glass on cardboard or under the paper. Further note that the more jumpers will be created, the clearer and more interesting your drawing will turn out. In addition, make sure that small parts stick to larger ones, as otherwise these parts will simply remain on the cutting parts and quickly fall out. Here, actually, our stencil is ready - now you know how to make a stencil for walls and for other flat surfaces. He, of course, turned out to be disposable,but with the help of lamination or pasting with adhesive tape, as mentioned above, you can also make a reusable stencil that will last you for a long time. In any case, the design of a few not too large rooms you just enough for him. If you plan to use more, it is better to make a few blanks. Here's a way to make a stencil yourself. Of course, there are other options for the manufacture of stencils, but this one is the fastest and simplest, and, moreover, stencils made in this way turn out to be no less high-quality than the purchased ones.