How to make an application?

Every inventor or a simple person who needs a patent for an invention, financing, and any other projects. Should know how to make a request correctly? Even minor design errors are likely to lead to an increase in the time for consideration or rejection of the application and the need to re-fill.

  • The application should contain the following information: type and name of the invention, formula, image, description, priority, abstract with drawings and drawings in several copies. The application must be submitted on a special application form. Typically, the form consists of three parts, they can be printed or copied.
  • An application for an invention consists of a main and an additional part. Each of them must be filled out with the indication of the requirements of the bodies involved in granting patents for inventions. In the main application it is necessary to indicate: the address, name and surname of the sender, education, academic degree, postal code and perhaps some additional information. The more information is provided, the higher the probability of a positive decision.
  • The invention should be described very well so that the specialists who will consider the application can immediately understand what it is, what the essence of the invention is, and what features it has. After the description, you must provide the formulas with which you can use the developed project and detailed drawings.
  • Next, you need to make a copy of the application, and then assure the notary. Sometimes there are situations where the author of the invention can not make their own application. In this case, it can do his representative. To make it possible for a representative, you need to issue a power of attorney certified by a notary. Perhaps the notary will tell you how to make a request in case of any questions.
  • The next step will be the payment of duty at the bank, the receipt of payment must be submitted to the bodies issuing the patent for inventions. By the time the verdict is made, the completed application will pass all the necessary commissions and in case of a positive decision, your invention will be entered in the appropriate register.
  • No matter which authorities apply to,it must meet certain requirements, such as: filling in strictly according to the form, indicating all the necessary information, indicating the contacts of the author or manager, the project in question must be described in detail and correctly.
  • The principle of filling out applications to various bodies is the same and is based on compliance with the rules of the form and the provision of the most detailed and detailed information about the author and his project. This could be an application for an invention, a patent, financing of a project, and so on.
  • It is equally important to observe literacy, in case of making even minor mistakes while filling in the correction form are not allowed. In this case, you will need to purchase a new form and re-fill it without errors and misprints. To prevent such errors will help careful reading of the completed application and the documents adjacent to it. It is better to spend a little time on reading than to waste time and redo everything again.