How to make champagne?

To prepare champagne at home, special knowledge and skills are not required, the main thing is to follow the instructions and add ingredients in time, then you will get a tasty drink unlike any purchased one. In order to make homemade champagne you need: any fresh berries and fruits, deep dishes, where juice will be squeezed out, a clean wooden tub, small size, pestles, gauze, raisins, sugar, water, bottles, where the ready drink will be poured and traffic jams for them.

How to make homemade champagne

Before you make champagne, you must first make a young wine. Fresh berries should be carefully picked, washed and cleaned of stalks. Following this, they must be finely chopped and folded in a wooden fermentation container. You should know that champagne can not be cooked in iron dishes, because in this case the juice of the berries will oxidize and spoil the taste of the drink, not to mention its bouquet. Further, in order to extract more juice from the berries, they must be mashed with a pestle.

Then, the resulting mass should be left for about a day to begin fermentation. After that, the resulting juice must be squeezed through cheesecloth to start the preparation of the wort. To do this, mix the sugar with water. As for water, oa should be of high quality, since it will certainly affect the quality of the future wine. To make the drink gentle, it is worth taking spring water or very well filtered water. Sugar should be stirred in water until it is completely dissolved, after which the resulting wort is poured into the fermentation container. It should be noted that the wort should not be poured to the brim of the fermentation container.

After that, the resulting mass is left for a day in the room, the temperature in which should be about 18-25 degrees. After this, the fermenting container should be closed with a lid and a tube inserted into it, the second tip of which should be placed in a jar of water. The lid on the fermentation tank is filled with wax or paraffin, so that air does not penetrate into the container and does not interfere with fermentation.

The period of full fermentation of champagne is approximately 7 weeks, and 4 weeks of them are vigorous fermentation, which is accompanied by the feeling that the dishes can easily explode.The next 3 weeks is slow fermentation, during this period, homemade champagne as it "comes."

Now you can proceed to the next step, during which you need to pour the drink into bottles and add a teaspoon of granulated sugar to each of them. And only after that the bottles can be corked. Bottles should be placed in a cool room, the temperature in which should be no more than 13-15 degrees. You should know that the fermentation process will continue for another three months. At the expiration of this period, the bottles must be placed in a slanted position with the stoppers down and leave to ferment again. Only now the bottles will need to constantly rotate. Champagne will be ready only in 3 months, but it is better to wait 5. So the drink will be more refined and mature! Surely your guests will like your champagne, and they will ask you how to prepare it.