How to make land ownership?

The presence of a confirming document for a plot allows you to freely dispose of your own land, that is, to transfer it by inheritance, to sell or donate, to protect your rights to a plot in various disputes with neighbors or even local authorities. That is, you need not only to buy land, but also to issue a piece of land in the property. Let us consider the main and most important points of this process: stages, documents are needed, key issues.

Stages of land registration

It is necessary to be patient, time and money, as it is not so easy to arrange land for property.

  1. Acceptance and registration of documents that will be necessary for state registration of ownership of the acquired land.
  2. Verification of the transaction for legality, as well as the examination of all documents on legal authenticity.
  3. Verification of compliance of the rights of the claimed and already registered rights to the land, the establishment of the absence of contradictions.Also search for other possible grounds for the temporary suspension of state registration of rights or even for its refusal.
  4. The absence of any contradictions and other reasons for the refusal or temporary suspension of state registration of rights allows you to make entries on the land plot in the USRR.
  5. Further, on the right of the establishing documents, inscriptions are put and a certificate of production state registration of the right of ownership is issued.

Land ownership: documents

To arrange land ownership, you must collect a certain set of documents.

  1. identity document;
  2. the document giving the right to the site;
  3. cadastral plan of the site;
  4. contract of sale;
  5. Receipt of payment of state duty for registration of rights.

Home ownership: how to arrange land

  1. And the house, and the land on which it is located must be issued in the property. If you have already registered a house as a property, then you have a technical passport for it. Also for the land it is necessary to obtain a cadastral passport and cadastral number.Refer to the surveyors of land management organizations who will make a topographical survey of the area, will measure, survey; determine the boundaries with the neighboring sites. This will be further grounds for extracting technical documentation for your land plot.
  2. After receiving the technical documents, go to the center of the cadastre, cartography and registration of land.
  3. So, you have paid the state fee for registration of the house and land. With a receipt for the payment of state duty, with a technical passport to the building (house) and a cadastral passport to the land plot you are directed to the state registration center of real estate registration. Here you will receive a long-awaited certificate of ownership of the land (and the house, if it was not issued).

Registration of the leased land

We have already said that the existence of property rights to a land plot allows you to dispose of this land at your own discretion: give, change, sell. In the case of leased land, the owner is the local municipality, which means you have no right to do what you want with a piece of land.To arrange the leased land ownership, it is necessary to collect a certain set of documents and do certain steps.

  1. Apply to the local municipality. Then everything is as above (“House owned: how to register the land” is item 1): you make a cadastral passport, put the land on cadastral registration, call an engineer (you may have to wait a long time, because there are few specialists). Get all the necessary documents. Of course, this will have to be done at his own expense.
  2. Berekekopii cadastral plan and an extract from the cadastral passport. Make photocopies of extracts and submit them to the local administration.
  3. You can register ownership of a land plot on the basis of a decree by the head of the district administration. Then there are two ways: paid and free. Free of charge to you transfer a site in the property if earlier you never made out a leased site in the property. Fee - for the cadastral value. To do this, before registering property rights, you pay the cadastral amount (specified in the resolution). You give a copy of the payment receipt to the district administration.
  4. Further, with a copy of the cadastral plan, an extract from the cadastral passport and a receipt of payment, go to the state registration center of the Federal Office. Submit documents and written in the same application. Expect, in about a month (30 days), you will receive a certificate of ownership of the land plot.