How to make more hearts in contact?

The number of hearts in contact is a sign of popularity. And since people are gregarious creatures, the “hearty” capital will provoke other people to support your photos, groups, etc. How to make more hearts in contact?

You can ask your friends to "like" your content, or even better to exchange courtesies with them. You can also evaluate photos of other people without prior agreement, provoking them to respond. If a person sees that you rate him, he is more likely to be interested in your page and will rate your photo in response. A variation of this method is an appeal to special contact communities in which people help each other with a set of hearts, for example, into a group.

How else to make more hearts in touch? You can use special programs to wrap hearts or contact intermediaries who provide this type of service. But first, beware of scammers, viruses,hacking the page when providing your registration data and, secondly, the audience thus acquired may simply be bots. And you will not get any real long-term result. In addition, the goal of increasing "likes" is the formation of a loyal audience that will monitor your creativity in the future. With a non-targeted set of hearts for such an audience, you will not receive. You will simply not be interested in it, but you need to focus on your supporters, on those to whom your information can be important and useful. But if the number of likes you need for a report or some kind of formal indicators, then this method is quite suitable.

We should also mention the methods of social media marketing and methods for creating viral content. That is, you have to intelligently approach the content of your page or group. As you know, the best selling sex kittens, humor, etc. The appearance of data on your wall is guaranteed to add hearts. If you want to draw attention to your own person, you can take a photo in some very unusual style for yourself, for example, preferred casual style, and appeared in the image of a strict teacher. In this case, do not forget that the photo must be of good quality.The same applies to young people. In general, you need to publish all the scandalous, controversial, debatable, or, conversely, nice. Exclusive information is also well distributed, it will help you achieve the word of mouth effect.

Try to get the right audience involved in the discussion of your content. This can be done, for example, by asking a question to a photo. You also need to frequently update the content, but not constantly, so as not to annoy readers. At the same time, you must make sure that the option "tell friends" is selected in your options, otherwise they simply will not know about your news.

Try to publish such information that will be interesting to your friends. Guess their expectations. In this case, of course, remember. The more friends, the more attention.

Do not forget about feedback. Say "thank you" to your fans. And you will succeed.