How to make paper?

Today there is almost everything that is needed to meet human needs. But increasingly, people try to do many things themselves, gaining from this not only benefits and savings, but also pleasure. This is again popular today with various types of handicrafts, cooking tips, as well as various useful tutorials, such as making paper at home.

What is it for

Today handicrafts are much appreciated. By making a postcard with your own hands, you can also create paper for that, thus making the gift even more expensive and more exclusive. In addition, the product can be given a special look, making the paper "antique" or unusually decorating it.

Raw material

In order to make paper at home, you need to stock up on various scraps of used paper, as well as blotting paper or newspaper sheets. You will also need water, a sponge, a blender or a mixer, a special screen that you can buy or make yourself from a mosquito net and a wooden frame, a wide water tank - a bowl or pan, a piece of cloth, slightly larger than the screen.

Stages of work

If you decide to learn how to make paper, you need to know that the work consists of several stages. First you need to grind the remnants of paper, breaking them into small pieces. Then, adding a little water, you need to turn this paper into a mush with a blender. No need to save on electricity, the longer the blender will work, the less grainy and better the paper will be.

If you wish, you can give the paper a color, make it bright or make it old. This is done using conventional chemical dyes. You can whiten the paper using a tablet of hydroperit, dissolved in water and added to the paper pulp. Aging - with filtered tea or coffee.

Next, in a cooked wide container it is necessary to pour warm water and add paper pulp. All this is thoroughly mixed to a uniform consistency. If you need to learn how to make beautiful paper, it is worth remembering that it is at this stage that you can decorate paper and decorate it. You can add to the resulting mass of petals, bright strings or confetti, which, subsequently, will be elements of the paper.

Next comes the frame work.It is necessary to immerse it very carefully under water, unfold it horizontally already under water, distribute the pulp evenly and gradually pull it out of the water. It is necessary to allow the water to drain, and from the side of the net with a sponge, gently remove the remaining water.

Now you need to spread the fabric on a flat surface, onto which the mesh is laid face down. Again, all the excess moisture is removed with a prepared sponge.

Next, you need to very carefully separate the resulting paper from the grid. Sheet should be dried blotter, and then put under the press just a few minutes. Before the final drying paper is better to put on a well-ventilated place. If you need emergency drying of paper, you can iron it by placing it under gauze. Paper is ready!

This is how we do the paper ourselves, and both the manufacturing process and the finished result will be extremely pleasant. Now, knowing how to make paper with your own hands, you can hold a fun seminar for your family, friends and friends and teach this secret. This is not only an excellent occasion for those present to learn something new, but also to meet and chat with dear people.