How to make parallel bars?

Probably every man wants to look good. After all, the pumped arms and chest, the cubes of the press can not leave indifferent any woman. However, nowadays not everyone has enough time to go to the gym at least several times a week, and even more so to seriously engage with a professional trainer. What to do in this situation? The answer to this question is quite simple. Almost all the exercises that you perform in the gym can be replaced by exercises on such a gymnastics equipment as parallel bars.


There are bars in the territory of almost every school yard, and you can study there. However, often weather conditions do not always allow you to play sports at a time convenient for you. Then your imagination, ingenuity and a little diligence can help.

This article will discuss how to make bars at home. So, you have a firm intention to make your favorite sports equipment yourself. Where to start?

Starting a conversation on how to make bars with your own hands, you should decide for yourself exactly where the bars will be located.After all, having a private house, you can easily make bars on the street, but living in an apartment, you need to look for a place directly in the room itself.

How to make bars: ways

There are several opinions on how to make bars.

First way

The first, however, is by no means the easiest option - it is to pierce deep holes in the wall into which to insert and cement metal pipes. A significant advantage of this design is its strength. The downside is the fact that it will be impossible to remove the bars if necessary, which is unlikely to please the other residents of the apartment.

Second way

The second way to make bars at home is to create bars of the same type as in school yards. To do this, you need to weld a rectangular base from metal pipes, to the corners of which you weld metal racks. Then we weld metal tubes to the posts and everything, the bars are ready. With this design it is possible to move the bars or even remove them from the apartment.

Third way

Well and the third, in my opinion, the most acceptable option is folding bars.For their manufacture will need more expensive materials, but the design will allow the owner to quickly lay down a sports equipment, thereby avoiding conflicts with other residents of the apartment. Now, directly, about manufacturing. To begin with, we drill several holes in the wall into which the anchor bolts will then be screwed. Then we take two tubes of approximately one meter length, to which we weld the usual door curtain. Then fasten this curtain to the wall with anchor bolts. Everything, the bars are almost ready, but the design is folded down and can not be in a horizontal position. To solve this problem, you just need to drill a hole of small diameter in our bars and make the same hole in the floor. Then take two pipes, on both ends of which weld two ordinary pieces of reinforcement. These pipes will be the support for the bars, and it will be possible to quickly lay down the projectile.

Summing up, I would like to note that the appearance and design features of your sports equipment depend only on your imagination. However, having a great desire to engage in, you can create a convenient sports equipment, allowing you to create an attractive appearance at home.