How to make red dust?

Ore in Minecraft is a block, they can only be mined with a pick. Of these blocks, you can craft certain items or build something (in this case, the iron block, gold and diamond merge into one block). When you need to get material for making items, you need to know how to make red dust in Minecraft. Red dust has many useful characteristics, such as: conductivity, temper, energy content.

Experts give useful and proven tips on how to make red dust, or more precisely, how to get it. The source of red dust is red ore, which lies at a level below 16. To break the blocks, you need to prepare at least an iron pick. Better, of course, if there is gold or diamond. If you destroy one block of red ore, you can get 4-5 units of red dust. All ores are located in height, in Minecraft. How to make red dust can be guessed, since such mining is similar to coal mining. Red ore is similar in properties to ordinary natural coal, which can be mined either stone or iron, or diamond, pickaxes.

What is red dust needed for?

  • The material is needed to make arrows, stairs, torches, signs, fences, signs, you can also make a pen or nozzle for various tools from them.
  • This is also your pass ticket to work in the 3 by 3 window.
  • Useful for smelting metal and decorations.
  • If the red dust is carefully collected on a stick, then you get something like an electric candle that will shine, but not as bright as a torch and will not flicker.
  • Such an electric candle can also be a source of electrical signal when power is supplied directly to it.
  • You can collect a kind of repeater, which transmits a signal at a distance greater than 15 cells, makes the signal delay. To do this, you will need two electric candles, one pinch of red powder and three stone blocks.
  • That red dust that is placed on the surface of hollow and opaque blocks can be used for crafting a compass, a red torch, a clock, electric and pressure rails, a repeater and other mechanisms.
  • Red dust is used to build traps, various mechanisms and conductive circuits.

It can be concluded that after the appearance of the red stone,began to create interactive schemes and electrical mechanisms, which include buttons, levers, pressure plates and wires. New logic circuits allow you to manage rails, doors and TNT. Wires from red dust are capable of transmitting a signal to 15 blocks, however, it is possible to do all this using certain logic circuits and repeaters. Now you have learned how to make red dust. Minecraft is an ingenious game where the subject can be used to create traps and schemes. The main areas in which red dust is used are:

  • Logic schemes and mechanisms.
  • Pitfalls (mines, etc.).
  • Potions
  • Railways (mainly transfer arrows).
  • Automation (doors).
  • Resource to activate the lava.
  • As an ingredient when crafting.