How to make yourself respect?

People disrespecting you are divided into two categories. The first - those that stand on you. And the second - those that use you, resorting to your uncertainty.

How to make people respect themselves

First, decide whether it is worth it that these people respect you or just need them to leave you alone? But to change the place of work or study is useless. From yourself, as they say, you will not run away.

If everything is clear with the first category of those who disrespect you, then the second will have to be tricky. Those who stand above you are really miserable. They do this only because they are unsure of themselves. But you shouldn't feel sorry for them either. Complicated, hidden losers should go to a psychologist, and not take out their pain and anger in their neighbor.

The best thing you can do with the first type is to fight back. Physical. Moreover, it is not necessary to beat anyone. Simply, at the moment when the ill-wisher is left alone with you, offer to leave. He will not go anywhere, because he is a coward and is only trying to grow in his own eyes at the expense of your shyness and uncertainty.Such people, as a rule, are not �not respected� one by one, but act together with colleagues in the complexes. As for girls who are faced with the contempt of others, it is enough just to put yourself in order, and learn how to dress stylishly. The problem will disappear.

Remember that in most cases, people who are not respected, just the most worthy of respect and recognition. The point is in education. Christian morality �hit - endure� has a destructive effect on the subconscious and social status. A good man, like good itself, must be able to defend his honor.

The second group is the mocking and predatory type of people. If there are such individuals in your close environment - drive them away from you as soon as possible. As a rule, they hide under the guise of friends and they are very difficult to recognize. But the only goal they pursue is to kill your self-esteem. 90% of them are also energy vampires. They feel good when you feel bad. Recognize them and drive them out of your life forever. Just do not pull and do not give in to reconciliation maneuvers on their part - such people do not change. Never.

And sometimes it happens that the closest people do not show you any respect.Sadly, instead of falling into despondency, it is better to figure out what the matter is and quickly resolve this difficult situation.

How to make a man respect himself

First, decide which of the above types it belongs to. Then ask yourself a question (just be honest with yourself): do you want to mess with the loser and work on his complexes? And who can give a guarantee that in case of success there will be no relapse?

A normal woman will answer �no� to both of these questions. It does not make sense to change someone. Change your way of thinking, become more confident, self-actualize. And then a decent man will come into your life sooner than you think.

How to make a husband respect himself

If you are not worthy of the respect of your husband, then why does he live with you? If you read the article from the very beginning, you have already determined the type to which it relates.

As a rule, the chemical analysis of the blood of such a husband shows a high content of nicotine, beer hop and hormone fear before the authorities. The advice in this case is simple: self-realize professionally and creatively, believe in yourself, and a decent man will come into your life immediately.

How to make wife respect husband

In women, the comparative social mechanism works well. That is, your wife constantly compares you to someone socially. And, of course, she wants to have a decent and successful man in her husbands. How to become so? Visit the training of personal growth, open your own business, go in for sports. And most importantly, make sure that your blood is not high in nicotine, hop and hormone fear of the boss.

Regardless of the situation, if you are wondering how to make yourself respect, then before you diagnose your condition, make sure that you are not surrounded by complete torment.