How to manage attention

Accepting attention is useful when you need to draw the attention of a business partner or just the interlocutor to the important points in the conversation. Emphasis exists direct and indirect. Direct - when direct phrases are used, such as �it is important to notice�, �please draw your attention�, �it should be noted that� and so on. When indirectly emphasizing phrases are built so that the places that need to attract attention, stand out in contrast and automatically attracted attention.
Reception of eye contact between the person speaking and the one who is listening allows you to hold the interlocutor in the process of speaking and attracting his attention. If we are talking about a large audience, you need to look around her and, fixing the eyes of several people alternately, to have a conversation.
There is also a method of imposing a rhythm. A person�s attention is constantly running away, and if he is not set up in time, not transferred to the desired topic, the necessary conversation may fail.In this case, the method of imposing a rhythm is applied. Change the characteristics of speech and voice - speak faster, sometimes slower, then quieter, then louder, then patter, then slowly. Due to this, the interlocutor will be forced to concentrate and is unlikely to miss anything important.
Use the technique of "neutral phrase" - start a conversation with a phrase that is not directly related to the subject of discussion, but is related to the interlocutor. In this case, there is a personal interest.
Accepting the use of pauses allows the initiator of a conversation to concentrate, and the listener to prepare for perception. Pause allows you to attract attention and increase the importance of the previous words.
Being able to manage attention, it is much easier to communicate with children, conduct business conversations, make friends, make deals. Moreover, these methods can be mastered quite quickly.