How to meet love?

Hey. Tell us how you met your halves? Do you think a person meets loved ones by chance or do you still believe in fate? A friend shared an interesting story that she met her husband at the time when she went to the clinic for dressing. She literally two weeks after breast augmentation met her future husband. She told this to her surgeon Blokhin, who was not surprised, on the contrary, said that his practice happens so often. Do you think this is a coincidence? Or really, some of our actions can attract loved ones into our lives?
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How fun, caught "on the chest" XD The appearance of a woman matters, even on an instinctive level, but if there is nothing more than appearance, then you will not meet with love) In general, how lucky: someone meets, someone - no, someone early, someone late, someone never. What our actions can attract love to yourself? To be attractive in appearance, to have a good but firm character, to be located towards people, interesting, sexual (this is important),clever (not in the sense of reading the volumes of any author), be yourself in the end! You need charisma, you need something as elusive as an individual style. An integral and attractive woman with charm will always be of interest, and you will only have to respond to reciprocate those to whom to pull. Who knows, maybe this �fish� love will bite at your fishing pole, and you can pull it out onto your shore.
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Alla Gorelova
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�I do not think that this is a coincidence, at least I want to believe that this fate is so ordered. Nevertheless, a person who fights with his complexes, and I also include a small chest should be rewarded. Maybe her husband was a gift of fate for her determination.