How to mix colors?

Natalya Chekanova
Natalya Chekanova
March 28, 2013
How to mix colors?

The ability to work with color is necessary in everyday life. For example, mixing paints in the repair, selection of home textiles, accessories for wardrobe, etc. It is therefore important to understand how the colors are obtained, how they are combined with each other. Want to learn how to mix colors?

Science of color

There is a whole science that studies colors, their mixing and impact on a person. It is called color (from the Latin color - color), or color science.

Developed various models of schemes showing the interaction of colors. Interestingly, there are only three pure colors (primary): blue, yellow, red. But they are absolutely enough to get all the other colors, which are called derivatives (composite).

How are the colors?

To get a variety of shades, you should know how to mix colors correctly. For the color of grass, foliage, you need to mix blue and yellow colors to color the orange - yellow and red. The combination of red and blue will give purple, green and red - brown.

There are colors of the third order, formed from basic and derivative. Blue with green will give turquoise, green and brown - olive.

By mixing colors in different proportions, you can create many shades. This fun activity is very popular with children. Teach your child how to mix paint colors, and a couple of quiet hours are guaranteed.

A color scheme

If you need soft combinations, it is advisable to choose colors that are close in color to the color palette. Colors are warm and cold, and this must also be taken into account.

Contrast combinations form colors that are opposite each other in the color scheme. And although some consider such combinations to be too flashy, in nature they are at every turn. For example, strawberry (red - green), sky and sun (blue - yellow).

Colorless colors

In the color wheel there is no white and black colors. Moreover, they are called achromatic, which in Greek means colorless. True, we mean their absence in the spectrum. But black is obtained if the primary colors are mixed together.

But these colors are universal, combined with any other. And white is necessary for receiving gentle pastel shades.

By the way, knowing how to mix colors, you can do color therapy, based on the ability of colors to affect the emotional state of a person.