How to open a real estate agency

First you need to determine which market segment youragency: primary or secondary, residential or commercial, urban or suburban real estate. You will need a solid base of relevant objects, contacts in structures with which interaction takes place at different stages of real estate transactions, information about competitors.
Your profit will largely depend on the right staff. The main positions of the real estate agency are managers leading transactions in the office, taking into account legal nuances and agents that interact directly with clients, who know the market well and have the necessary contacts. Often, the role of the latter are independent realtors who work freelancers and have their own client base. In addition, you need to hire an accountant, lawyer, pr-manager, site administrator.
Office space should be chosen within walking distance from the main stops of the urban passenger transport and in the zone of the highest traffic, preferably in the city center. This is not only a place of work for agency employees, but also a point of receiving and communicating with clients, who will not least be evaluating the level of the agency in a presentable office. Therefore, take care of a cozy and functional interior, as well as the acquisition of a noticeable sign and an attractive facade.
An additional source of income for a real estate agency can be the provision of additional services, for example, legal advice, assistance in collecting documents for obtaining a mortgage, in carrying out the privatization of housing and coordinating redevelopment.