How to open flac?

Probably everyone remembers the moment of the emergence of the mp3 format and its great popularity. Unfortunately, mp3 and other audio codecs, for example, acc, wma, vqf, ogg, lose quality when compressed, and are completely unsuitable for full-fledged listening to music on modern musical equipment. Today, many users know the flac format. Flac is practically the most popular free lossless audio codek, which does not destroy information in the process of compressing an audio stream, so flac maintains quality without any loss. Files in flac format are perfect for listening on high-end equipment and creating an archive of the audio collection.

For people who have encountered this extension for the first time, the question arises: “how to open flac format?”. On the Internet there are many solutions to this issue, in particular, a whole list of programs designed to play and process sound files. New and regularly updated software easily supports flac, but with outdated applications there may be some problems.

Recommendations: how to open flac

If your goal is to simply listen to music in the flac extension, then using a sound program will be enough. For a long time, many people prefer to use Winamp. For this program, it is enough to install a plugin that allows you to read flac format.

No less popular program is Windows Media Player. For this program, CoreFLAC or Illiminable filters are required.

Recently, the AIMP player, which was developed by Russian programmers, has become very popular. The player boasts the best features of long-known audio players to us. The software is different in that it allows you to work simultaneously with several music lists, has a built-in converter and a sensitive equalizer. The player supports 37 music formats that are used throughout the world, including flac.

Flac extension: how to open? Among the devices that play flac format is known Media Jukebox 12. This player is a kind of organizer of media files. The player is very popular abroad and includes all the functions designed to work with files.Most recently, the program has become completely free, thanks to which it is rapidly spreading among users.

As for Russia, special preference is given to the Foobar 2000 player. The program has a rather modest interface, but it supports a huge number of audio formats (some formats require the installation of appropriate plug-ins). Foobar 2000 has a high-quality sound and allows you to fully customize all the features of the player. The player menu is structured and fairly clear.

File flac: what to open? In addition to the above programs, the flac format is reproduced by such media players as VLC Media Player, VideoLAN and VUPlayer. These players have very good features and are able to reproduce many of the most popular formats. If you often encounter audio editors for various reasons, the Abobe Audition program (formerly Cool Edit Pro) will help you with the flac format.