Starting your own business is a serious step that must be supported by your own strong desire, and most importantly, by the presence of knowledge in the field of business organization. PI or individual entrepreneur. We often hear this wording. But how many people know what IP is really? Many people know, because any small business is a business of an individual entrepreneur. Let us and we get closer to understanding this ambiguous from the legal side of the concept. So:

How to open the PI?

Before you step by step instructions, which will give only a general idea of ​​how to open an individual business activity.

To register IP you will need the following documents:

  • Application for state registration of IP. The application has a specific form of the FTS (Form P1001 Appendix 18). The application must be notarized.
  • A copy of the passport of the future entrepreneur, that is, the person on whom the IP is opened.
  • Original receipt of payment of state duty.
  • Copy of certificate of TIN.
  • Contact numbers and postal address.

The next step after the preparation of documents in order to open the PI is the definition of the type of business activity. There is a document that classifies all types of economic activity. It is called OKVED. Based on this document, you need to choose the type of your future activities. Each type is assigned a code that will be needed when specifying the type of IP. Many experienced entrepreneurs advise you to choose codes for future expansion of economic activity, since changing information in the registry after your expansion will be a very costly procedure both in time and in cash. In order to determine the future direction of development, you can consult with experienced entrepreneurs in this field or with specialists who help in opening the PI.

Next, you need to determine the type and system of taxation. There are three types of taxation. Each has its pluses and minuses. The choice of type of tax will depend on the activity that you will carry out. There are a lot of examples that illustrate various situations where one taxation scheme was suitable in this activity, while another did not justify itself at all.In order to determine the system of taxation, it is necessary to consult with experts in the field of entrepreneurial activity. You can also consult on this with experienced entrepreneurs, who have long determined the most profitable course of business. Here is how to open the PI.

The next step after preparing the documentation, determining the type of activity and taxation is registration of your activity. You can register a company in person or through a trustee. It is necessary to provide all the prepared documents to the registering authority at the place of residence. After delivery of the documents you get a receipt that the documents were received, as well as the date of registration. The registration authority is obliged to prepare a package of documents allowing to start an activity or a motivated refusal to register your IP. All of this must be done within the deadline that has been designated by the body.

The entrepreneur picks up the documents on the day when the meeting with the registration authorities was made. It is better to pick up the documents in person, because if the recipient does not appear, all documents are sent by mail to the address specified by the entrepreneur when submitting the application.This should not be allowed, because, often, the documents are lost due to typos in the addresses and for other reasons.

Here's how to open the PI:

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