How to open rtf?

Evgeny Lukashenko
Evgeny Lukashenko
May 25, 2012
How to open rtf?

Rich Text Format (.rtf) —This format was intended by Microsoft (Microsoft) to exchange text documents. Its distinctive feature of .TXT is that it can contain tables, colors, images, and various fonts.

Well, if rtf is a format, than opening it will not cause difficulties. At least, we have - those who read the text, directly dedicated to how to open rtf.

The list of main programs designed to open rtf files:

  • MS Word
  • Notepad
  • Wordpad
  • OpenOfficeWriter

Why "almost", and not to everyone? The case in Microsoft Office Word, it is, as you already understood, in the package of office programs MS Office, distributed for money. The license will be expensive, but we have a short conversation with pirates - it's time to grow up or something. It is a last resort to switch to free software, and not to search for cracks, this violates all the rights of the publisher / developer of the program.

So, than to open the rtf-file, we already understood, it remains to find out one thing: how? If for some reason you don’t recognize the rtf file, right-click on it. Find the line "open with ..." and from the list of programs select one of the above. Done!