How to open the registry Windows 7?

Elena Melnichenko
Elena Melnichenko
March 18, 2015
How to open the registry Windows 7?

Before you figure out how to open the Windows 7 registry, you need to understand what the registry is and why it exists in the operating system. So, the Windows registry is a database that stores all the parameters and settings necessary for the normal operation of the computer system. Learn more about what is the registry, you can learn from the article What is Windows 7.

Registry opening

You can open the registry in several ways:

  • using the "Run" tab;
  • using the utility "Regedit";
  • using the RegWorks editor.

Run tab

The first method for opening the registry is the most convenient and time-saving. In order to use it, you must hold down the Windows button, which is located on the keyboard between Alt and Ctrl, register in the search engine "Run" (or hold Win + R) and select the appropriate tab. When the “Run” utility window opens, type the word “regedit” and confirm.

Utility "Regedit"

You can open the registry and make any changes to it through the opened “Regedit” utility (in the “Start” menu in the search barshould register regedit and run the utility). A window will appear on the screen in which the entire registry tree is displayed on the left. As in an ordinary tree, there are branches, that is, sections. The registry is considered to be binary or string parameters, or keys.

RedWorks program

RegWorks is a great program that is a real guide to settings and registry settings. In addition to the standard features that are available in conventional system programs of this type, it also has unique parameters that enrich its work. For example, there are such possibilities:

  • use of an inactive registry;
  • comparison of different sections;
  • view change history;
  • save and restore the registry;
  • export required parameters.

This useful program can be downloaded on the Internet () and, having installed it on a computer, can be used to perform various work with the computer registry.