How to paint your nails?

Every woman wants her hands to look good. And beautifully processed nails help in this. However, it is not so easy to make up nails correctly. Let's learn how to make your nails beautiful.

How can I make up my nails?

The nail plate can be varnished, gel or shellac.

Varnish is the most affordable and simple tool. It is quite simple to apply it, but it does not last too long.

To cover the nail gel, you need a special UV lamp, as well as a special coating that polishes the nail. But the gel keeps for a long time, about two weeks.

Shellac is a hybrid of varnish and gel. It keeps very long and creates ideally equal covering.

Now we will talk about how to paint your nails, and you will only have to choose the most acceptable option. Or read the article How to fashion nails.

So, now we learn how to paint your nails with varnish.


  1. First, prepare your nails - degrease them.
  2. Then dry thoroughly to keep the varnish longer.
  3. Further it is necessary to put a special basis on nails.
  4. Then apply one coat of colored varnish.If you do not know which color will suit you, read the article What color to paint your nails. It is best to start painting with the little finger. Put your hand on the table, then it will not move and prevent you from painting. The brush should be immersed in the varnish completely, and then wipe it on the edge of the bottle. It is necessary to paint with quick movements. It is necessary to carry out a brush from the tip of the nail to the end in the middle, and then do two more strokes along the edges.
  5. Wait for him to grab a little and apply a second coat. Two layers will help to lay the varnish without divorce, and one layer of varnish will not look very nice.
  6. Apply a special fixer on top. It gives shine to nails, and, besides, the varnish will last longer.
  7. Now dry your nails well, otherwise everything you touched will be imprinted on them. You can dip your nails in cold water, but not before half an hour after applying the fixative.
  8. Next, a toothpick to remove unnecessary residual lacquer on the skin. It is possible to erase a varnish only when it completely dries.

You have learned to paint the nail plate with a simple varnish. And now we will learn how to paint your nails with gel.


  1. First make a manicure.
  2. Then apply a base coat on the nail plate and dry in the lamp for ten seconds.
  3. Then varnish each nail and immediately dry it under a UV lamp for two minutes.
  4. Thus treat all the nails.
  5. Then apply the gel a second time and soak in the lamp for two minutes.
  6. After there is a top coating, and then its removal with a solution of isopropyl alcohol. So the nail is polished.

All is ready. It remains to learn how to paint the nails with shellac.


  1. Clean the nail with an antibacterial agent.
  2. Then give your nails the desired shape.
  3. Next, cover the nail with a thin layer of a special base shellac. And then place your hand under the UV lamp for ten seconds to freeze the base.
  4. Then apply a basic layer of shellac with a brush to add color. After applying the first layer of shellac, dry under a UV lamp.
  5. Then apply a second layer of shellac and dry again for two minutes.
  6. After the coating is leveled, all defects are removed using a special means in the form of a pencil. If everything is normal, then you need to put your hand under the lamp again.
  7. Then apply fixing and dry the lamp for two minutes.
  8. It remains to apply a special sponge to remove the sticky layer from the nail, and to treat the surface of the nail.