How to pickle milk mushrooms?

You know that in Western Europe, Milk mushrooms are considered inedible mushrooms. But what would they say in Russia, where the white gruel is good luck for a mushroom picker? That's right - you just do not know how to cook them! Milk mushrooms along with volnushkami - mushrooms number one for pickling. Let's talk how to pickle mushrooms mushrooms, so that they are not just edible, but also pleased with the taste and aroma in the cold winter.

How to pickle milk mushrooms: preparation

Let us say at once that the salting of mushrooms is quite a long matter. In addition to the salting process itself, preparation is required, and it consists of the following.

  1. The first is the obligatory washing of mushrooms and their cleaning. We wash away the earth, leaves, etc. We cut the wormy places, tainted parts.
  2. Often only salty bonnets are salted, the legs are cut and used at discretion (boiled, fried). But if you want, you can pickle and with the legs.
  3. Now the main thing - soaking mushrooms. Some say that milk mushrooms are bitter and not tasty, and therefore refuse to use them and generally consider them to be inedible. However, these are people who simply do not know how to properly saline milk mushrooms.Careful soaking of the milk fruit allows you to get rid of the very bitter milky juice that spoils the taste. Prepare a wide bowl of cold water and put the milk mushrooms in it with the caps down. Soaking lasts 2-3 days. Every day, change the water with the allocated caustic juice of mushrooms, you can change even twice a day.
  4. Now the mushrooms are almost ready for further action. Then you can go in two ways, since salted white milk mushrooms can be pre-boiled, but you can not boil. Otherwise, the whole subsequent salting procedure is the same, with the only difference in salting time. Without boiling the mushrooms are salted longer.
  5. If you decide to boil the mushrooms, this is done as follows. After soaking, pick the mushrooms the same maturity, so that it does not happen that some will digest and fall apart, while others only “fit.” Boil the mushrooms for 15-20 minutes in boiling water. If necessary, remove the foam.
  6. Mushrooms are ready. Boiled or just soaked. Attention: boiled mushrooms are salted for two weeks, salted mushrooms should not be salted for at least two months. Milk with heat treatment and without it are somewhat different in taste.Not boiled mushrooms after salting have a brighter aroma and strong taste compared to boiled ones.
  7. Finally, we come to the consideration of issue number one - how to pickle salads in a tasty way.

Salting prepared gruzdey

  1. In addition to mushrooms and salt, we will need: black currant leaves, cherries, horseradish (leaves and root), dill stalks, black peppercorns and garlic cut into slices. We fill in ordinary glass jars (1 liter, 3 liters).
  2. Weigh milk mushrooms to determine the amount of salt. The calculation is: a kilogram of mushrooms is 40 grams of salt.
  3. Pour salt on the bottom of the cans, place the leaves of cherries, currants, horseradish, put garlic cloves, a little horseradish root (chopped), fennel stalks.
  4. Then put mushrooms down with caps, seasoned with peppercorns and salt. So lay all the mushrooms in layers to the top of the jar.
  5. From above - leaves of horseradish and currants.
  6. We cover with a cloth and put a yoke on top (a small weight, it could be a bottle of water). Cover with a bag to prevent dust. But! Do not tie, air must circulate.
  7. Put the jar in the basement or in the fridge. In 2 months (not boiled) the delicacy will be ready!

Here's how to pickle mushrooms tasty and easy.