How to plant potatoes?

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How to plant potatoes?

Many city dwellers, who have never worked on the land before, acquiring a dacha plot, are confident that they will be able to grow potatoes in their garden, because it is so simple - they dug a hole, threw a potato in it, and the harvest is already guaranteed. What is the disappointment of such unfortunate gardeners, when of the three bags of potatoes planted in this way, in the fall they manage to collect only two bags of tubers.

It turns out that even in such a simple matter as planting potatoes, there are still some little tricks and secrets that help to get a rich harvest. We will tell you about some of them now.

How to plant potatoes - general rules and useful tips.

Regardless of which way you plant potatoes - manually or with the help of a motor-block, the first thing you should do is take care of the selection and preliminary preparation of high-quality planting material.

Seed Potatoes What should it be?

If you are growing potatoes for the first year, then you need to start picking out the tubers for planting in the fall.To do this in advance, while the potato leaves are still green, mark the most powerful and powerful plants with pegs. In the autumn, when you dig potatoes, choose planting tubers from these very best bushes. The optimal size of the tuber intended for planting - the size of a chicken egg. If you are planting potatoes for the first time or just want to try new varieties, get seed potatoes in a good gardening shop.

Preparation of potatoes before planting

  • Three to four weeks before planting begin to germinate seed potatoes. First, wash the tubers in a solution of potassium permanganate, then lay them out in a single layer on pallets and put the pallets in a well-lit warm place (t 20-22 ° C).
  • Spray the tubers once every two days and gently turn them over. For a better result, you can alternate spraying: once sprayed with clean water, the next time - with a freshly prepared solution of ash or mineral fertilizers.
  • In two weeks, when strong, green sprouts appear on the tubers, move the pallets to a cooler place, for example, on a glazed veranda.

When to plant potatoes

The optimal time for planting potatoes in the middle lane is mid-May. But this date is very conditional, it all depends on the weather. It is necessary to wait until the soil dries out and warms up to 10 ° C, and only then proceed to planting. According to national signs, the time of planting potatoes comes when the young leaves on the birch trees become the size of a penny.

Where to plant potatoes

  • Do not plant potatoes year after year in the same place, follow the rules of crop rotation. The best predecessors for potatoes - zucchini, cucumbers, pumpkins, squash and winter rye. Also, potatoes can be planted in the area where before it grew corn, cabbage or beans.
  • Start cooking the ground for potatoes at the beginning of last autumn - before plowing, add urea and superphosphate to the soil. If the soil is very heavy, in addition to fertilizer, add river sand to it.
  • Plant the potatoes in a freshly plowed, still moist soil.

How to plant potatoes by hand

  1. The first thing to do is plow the cultivator and dismantle the land in the area designated for potatoes.
  2. In order for the beds to be even, mark the direction of the first one.Arrange the beds in the direction of "north - south", and not "west - east." At the edges of the opposite sides of the plot, hammer the stakes against each other and stretch the twine between them - this will be the direction of the first row of potatoes.
  3. At the beginning of this line, dig out the first hole with a bayonet spade, about 15 cm deep. It should be said that planting potatoes is better with an assistant - you dig, and the assistant puts tubers in the pits. So, after the helper has lowered the potato in the hole, fill the hole with earth, take a narrow step and dig the next hole.
  4. Continue this whole process until you reach the end of the lot. As a result, you should get an even row of potatoes, planted at intervals of 40-45 cm, which corresponds to the average width of your step.
  5. Mark the next row in the same way, placing it at a distance of 85-95 cm from the previous one.

A word of advice: to increase the yield in each well before laying potatoes in it, pour two or three handfuls of humus mixed with fertilizer.

How to plant potatoes using the motoblock

You can quickly plant potatoes on a large plot of land if you have a walk-behind tractor and a hinged potato planter on your farm.The principle of its operation is that the potato planter has a special plow that digs parallel furrows of a given depth at an equal distance from each other, and a metering hopper, which immediately spreads potato tubers into the furrows. Immediately after the potatoes are in the furrows, they are covered with earth by a special hiller built into the potato planter.