How to play beans?

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How to play beans?

Game sets "Cool Bob" appeared in our country relatively recently and won recognition from children. In this article we will discuss the rules of the game "Steep Beans".

“Steep beans” in their form resemble kinder surprises, and in terms of functionality - an old Russian toy “Roly-Poly”, because inside each bean there is a mechanical ball that allows it to roll. The game of beans is based on these shallows.

How to play Cool Beans: Rules

Each bean in the set has a name, number, and rarity index. All items have a distinctive design, their personal identity and functionality. There are rare beans that are very prestigious in the collection. The rest can just play. It is necessary to agree on the rules in advance so that each participant knows that in case of loss the beans will pass to the winner or after the game everyone will take their own beans back.

Popular types of games from the series "Cool Beans"

  • "Bob Slider". A game for beginners. Each participant in turn installs his bean on a thick book.By rolling his bean from a book, he tries to knock down another, which is located at a certain distance.
  • "Bob Striker". Place 6 triangle beans on the edge of the table and run the beans on a flat surface to roll them. For each knocked out of the triangle bob is awarded 1 point.
  • "Battle for the Circle". Street beans game. Draw on the pavement a large circle with chalk. Each participant leaves the circle at a distance of one meter and starts his bob. The one who will be the first to place 3 of their beans in the circle will win.
  • "Bob-Bowling". 3 bobs are placed on the floor along with bowling. Each participant spins his bean in any way to knock down one of the other beans.
  • "Wall to wall". All participants' beans are set in 2 rows and run at the same time head-on. Lost the one whose bob will fly off.

"Steep beans" is not just entertainment, giving positive emotions. Such games contribute to the development of coordination, dexterity, reaction speed and creative thinking in children.